Two VeRy Important Things (!!!!!!!)

Well, at least the first one is, anywho. . .I just thought I would put that title up there to catch your attention.

1) I am very excited for my husband: Steve received employee of the month and although he does not think it to be a big deal, I DO!  Because I know he works like a dog for FedEx and I love it when they take the time to thank him. Congratulations Babe!
2) It was on the verge of sinfully cold here today.  I believe it was around 30 degrees.  And all of you "I live in the north and you have no idea what you are talking about. . ." Yack on. . .because all I know is that it WAS cold to ME.  I did grow up in California, you know. . .so have compassion and skip the nasty comment:) However, I have gotten myself side-tracked.  What I wanted to say is that I am so grateful that when I move to Oregon, I will no longer be pumping my own gas. . .and of course, today was the day I would have to fill up my car.  I just think Oregonians have it right. . .gas station attendants should pump your gas. . .that's what gas station attendants do! :)

That's all folks. 


  1. I grew up in WI and this is cold! I totally agree with you. My car is on Empty and I am wimping out of filling it up (hoping John will fill it for me)
    Also, Employee of the Month! Way to go, Steve! Be sure to celebrate with a date!

  2. I always find it odd when I go to Oregon and can't pump my own gas. (I used to laugh at my Aunts and Uncles that didn't know how to pump gas!!)
    What is the writing on the stove done with? It looks cool! Your so creative.

  3. Way to go Steve! And I completely agree with you about gas. That's what the attendants get paid for, right? But, when we were kids in NS, we always wanted to help Dad pump it when we came to the States, because in Canada, they always pumped your gas for you. Then, when we got a little older, they got "Self-Serve" Pumps, and we always wanted to go to those. Ha! I guess you always want what you don't have. :)

  4. congratulations to Stephen!!!!

    And hooray for the gas situation. I grew up in New Jersey and they pumped it there for you too. I liked it. It drives Adam INSANE when we go there.....especially when they move slow and you have to wait.

  5. Way to go, Steve!!!! Did they give you a prize? Or maybe a plaque?!?!

    The stove is cute.

  6. Way to Go far as the weather...I thought it was chilly but I won't make any other comments (as I also moved from WI where it was -20 last week, not including wind chill)....:)

  7. Laura--the writing on the stove is actually my cleaner that I use on my stove-top. . .it is the perfect consistancy for doing fun things like that! :) Steve loved it:)

    Rob--I am ignoring you:)

  8. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Congradulations Steve!!!

    As for the was quite chilly here today too. I was shocked when a guy in our church walked into Shepherding group last night in SHORTS!!! Yes shorts and it was in the 20s here...Hope it warms up for you all soon!

  9. I do wish they pumped our gas here in Chicago-sometimes I won't go out bc i know i will have to fill up in the cold!

  10. Very cute picture!


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