Happy Thursday!

1) Today feels like Spring, here in Virginia. I went out for a quick lunch and the birds were chirping and the sun was shining and I just had to thank God for a beautiful day in the midst of a long winter. And I hear our weekend weather is going to be in the 70's. Yippy Skippy!

2) [This picture reminds me of Spring. Steve took this for me actually before we were even married. We were on a day trip to Monterrey and I loved how one of the store windows did this flower arrangement in the shape of a bunny. Each Spring, I tell myself that I am going to try it. . .maybe this year!]

3) Today I taught a lesson to one of favorite little students. I can't really give you specifics. . .but suffice it to say this little guy suffered a stroke in-utero-- and I would have never have known it had his mom not told me. I just always thought his awkwardness was pure little boyishness--you know, when kids are still growing into their arms and legs! But every week I just marvel at God's work in his life. He is such an encouragement in his own way--and he is a smooth talker on top of it all. He gave me his e-mail address during our first lesson and requested that I write him:) Did I mention he is in 2nd grade? He will definitely be a little heart-breaker someday! But just so cute and amazing:) Today he was rather not happy with me. . .and informed me that he really wanted to be in library instead. And, also asked that I move his lesson to a different day because Wednesday evenings are rather busy for him and he just doesn't sleep that well.

Well. . . .I shall get right on that one:)

4) Yes, my blog is having an identity crisis. Sorry that the layout has changed quite a bit lately. I just like change. . .but am having trouble finding exactly what I want. Dear Jonny. . .(wonderful graphic designer brother-in-law). . .do you hear me calling your name? ? ?


  1. Aww. that little boy sounds like a cutie pie. =) And I know you didn't ask for my opinion, Sarah but to be perfectly honest, I am not in love with this plain jane layout. =) But who am I to talk? Mine is way over-the-top busy and it is starting to get on my nerves. I like it, but I agree - change is good (mine is so complicated, I'm not sure I can actually change it and without losing everying, and since I paid money for the design, I'm a little nervous to experiment. =) Sorry to write an uber long comment. Maybe next time I'll just call you. =D

  2. oh I just love you Loraena:) way to be a good, honest friend:) Yes--I need to call you anyway, so maybe we can figure something out for my blog then. I like a mix between super plain and something a little artsy fartsy/designish. But I can't handle "cute" . . .which seems to be a lot of the free blog templates out there. ..maybe I just need to break down and pay for one to be done like you did. . .as long as I can tweak it as well--because of my love for change!! :) hehe

  3. That bunny arrangement is so cute- I know you could do that!

  4. Well , for what it's worth the perfect combination is out there!! plain with a little funk is a good thing..... the white background makes everything else on the page pop and then you can add lots of color in your photos and side bar items:)

    Email Jonny and he will help you... although I paid a web friend to change the HTML of the layout to a three column. I can still move and change things the exact same way I did before on blogger.

    Hope that helps!! love ya.... xoxo


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