I received my surprises! ! !

So, today marks the beginning of the second trimester for baby. . .and this morning I received several sweet surprises from my sweet man. . .you know, those surprises that I couldn't know about, that were driving me crazy? ? ? Well, it was definitely worth the wait. . .

1)Fresh flowers, which were absolutely beautiful!

2)a wonderful card, another favorite of mine from Steve--he is the best at writing really meaningful things in great cards!

3)another little card that told me it was good for a day of shopping WITH my husband for some fun baby stuff!

and, probably one of the greatest gifts ever known to pregnant women. . .

4)a 50 minute prenatal massage! I had mentioned to Steve a few times that when I get big and bad, I want a prenatal massage. I remember my sister telling me that it was the greatest thing she ever did when she was pregnant. . .so I stocked that away in my little brain. Steve scheduled my massage at a spa in Oregon--I will hopefully be finishing this pregnancy in Oregon--so I am sure that after a cross-country move, I will be heading straight for that little spa's door! I know, he really thought of everything, didn't he?! Feel free to have your husbands read this if need be:)

Okay, and speaking of my sister, I can't help but tell this funny [funny now, not funny at the time for Barb! ! !] story about her. When she was pregnant with Conley, she was very sick--pretty much from day one to delivery day. . .she worked in a salon in downtown, and was on her feet all day, so when she came home, she was ready to relax. One day, late in pregnancy, she was taking a relaxing bath, and her crazy-funny, naughty husband decided it would be funny to pour a glass of ice-cold water ON HER BELLY as she lay there relaxing. Jon has never lived that one down! Ha! ! !

[I have warned Steve that if he wants to live to see our sweet baby, he probably should avoid any like-minded activities!]

Anywho, after this morning, I'm thinking that 1st trimester really wasn't so bad after all! :)

Thanks babe, you're the greatest eva'!


  1. WOO HOO trimester 2 is the best part of pregnancy! (well, aside from the baby coming OUT!) You are going to love that massage. I planned to get one this last pregnancy but Evan came the weekend before I was scheduled to get it. Maybe next time I'll plan it a little earlier. :-)

  2. Awww. . .what a nice guy! Congrats on making it to the 2nd trimester!!! I hope you're feeling better; that's when my all day sickness finally went away.

  3. Nice surprises :) You better show us what you purchase for baby.

  4. Grandmom and I just got a good laugh from this over our lunch!! Good old johnny!!

    Stevie boy you did a good job!! Love you guys and yay for second trimester!!

  5. I am so glad the suspense is finally over! fun surprises too! enjoy the shopping & especially the massage! (I'm still plugging for a post-natal one :)

  6. That is awesome! What great surprises!

  7. How sweet! What salon is it?

  8. What WONDERFUL gifts!! You have a very thoughtful husband who knows you well. I love that about Adam too. :) :)

  9. What a good hubby! When I had my massage when I was preggo with Shiloh, she even had these props on the table so I could lay on my belly and not smush it, which after you've been stuck on your back/side for several months is almost as good as the massage itself! Well, almost. A prenatal massage is definatley a must, and post-natal is pretty necessary too. :) Enjoy! Happy 2nd Trimester!

  10. Anonymous5:50 PM

    John got me a prenatal massage for when I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant and I agree...it was the BEST thing EVER!!! Enjoy it :o)


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