Number Eleven! NUMBER ELEVEN!!!

[this picture showing a little of Steve's silly side. . .in NYC]

This is #11 to be added to my list of things that drive me crazy! :)

But let me first say that I love and appreciate my husband and I know that there are thousands of women out there that wish that their husband would even begin to think of surprising them with thoughtful and sweet gifts out of the blue. So I am not complaining. Let me make that clear!!!

Let me also say that I love that my husband is always so happy and looking at life with the glass half-full. I love it that I can call him almost any time of the day and he says, "Hey, I have some good news. . ." I can truthfully say that that phrase comes out of his mouth quite often. And sometimes, it might be some funny little thing like "there was this bag of Skittles hanging in the vending machine in the medical tower [a building that he picks up from every day] and I gave the machine a shove and they fell right out!" I love these stories--they always give me a chuckle at picturing my sweet husband shaking various vending machines across Hampton Roads. . .I really do feed him! :)

And, sometimes, the "good news" is something on a much grander scale. . .but I always am so thankful that Steve is light-hearted and looking to thank God in all things, whether great or small.

So yesterday, I called Steve and he says, "Hey, I have some surprises!" I asked for a clue but was told none. I also was told that I couldn't check our bank statement. That was fine because I can wait a few hours--until Steve comes home! So, I waited patiently and when Steve came home, I was all in a tizzy about "the surprises". THEN I was told that I wasn't getting the surprises then. . .it would be later. To which I promptly responded:

ACK! "Why did you even tell me about it babe? You know I can't handle it!!!"

And so, I am working on the art of patience. I DO love surprises. I DO love my husband even more. I'm just not good on the waiting part!!!!! I'll let you know when I am allowed to see my surprise gifts. . .until then you might have to hold me accountable on not checking our bank statement!!!!!!!!


  1. That is QUITE exciting! I'd have a hard time not checking either!

  2. That is hilarious! I am the same way- Dave always plays on this and says way before Christmas or a b-day- "I got you a will never guess what it is!!"

    You better blog about it as soon as you know :)

  3. I love surprises, too...but I almmost always end up finding out ahead of time for some reason. A receipt given to me with other debit slips, a website accidentally left up on the computer, etc. When I am really surprised, I love it!

    No looking at bank statements!!!

  4. Ok, I am SO with you on that one. I get almost mad at Izaak when he says he has a surprise, but makes me wait. I bug him for hints and get really irritated when he won't give me any. :) I love surprises if I don't know they're coming, such as him showing up home early from work with flowers. The waiting thing, not so much fun. So I say go ahead and check that bank statement! :) HA!

  5. Ok...two things for clarification:
    (1) I do surprise Sarah with better things than candy from a vending machine.
    (2) I only "shake" a machine when I am alone or the prize is "falling":)

    My advice is don't look.


  6. What a sweet husband you have.
    It made me laugh that he told you not to check the bank statement. He knows you well. I am SO bad and will check our bank account online when I know Brad is buying me a gift.
    DON'T will make the surprise that much better.

  7. Just another reminder coming your way not to look!

  8. I say look...look look look! It will keep your stress levels much lower which is quite important in this day and age:)
    I have a guess as to what may be waiting for you......

  9. I know what some of your surprises are! na, na, na, na, na!! xoxo

  10. I hate the anticipation of not being told as well!! I always make Andrew give me a number on a scale of 1-10 on how excited I should be. :) because sometimes I get my hopes up higher than I should have, so that helps! I'm sure yours will be fun!


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