On being pregnant. . .

Some funny changes that have been noted along the way. . .

1. Bye-bye Starbucks' no foam, no water chai. I haven't had a chai since the day after I found out I was pregnant. My parents and Steve and I went to Calistoga and Napa for the day while we were in California; my dad stopped and bought me a chai and I took one sip and couldn't handle it. WEIRD. After having several chais each week for the past 2 years, this was an amazing occurrence. [Please don't add up the approximate cost of that bad habit. Let's just say Steve is quite glad about the extra that seems to be in our account these days!]

2. I've never been a big breakfast eater. . .breakfast is now my favorite meal, I do believe. I think I might die if we ran out of cereal.

3. I've always been known, in my family, for my amazing ability to go for very LONG periods without having to take a potty break. I was my mom's favorite shopping partner:) NO MORE.

4. Panera's Asiago cheese bagel/cream cheese has taken the place of my Starbucks' chai, it seems.

5. I have never had a "gag reflex". I do now. I gag at the thought of something that doesn't agree with me.

6. Smells. Some of the things that have bothered me the most: coffee--Steve had to move his entire "coffee bar" upstairs to his office; middle school piano students that have waaayyy too much cologne on; elementary piano students who have really stinky feet. . .so bad that I had to ask her to go put socks on. . .good thing I know her well and she didn't take it the wrong way!

7. I wouldn't say that I have had a lot of cravings. . .however two weeks ago I ate a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich and fries 2 nights in a row. And then yesterday, ice-cream sounded SO good. I hadn't eaten ice-cream since finding out that I was pregnant. So I ate some. Chips and salsa also sounded very good. I ate that. THEN, I felt horrible.

8. I have always been a milk drinker. I have always tried to have pretty good manners. . .but sometimes . . .well. . .pregnancy does change things, doesn't it? ? ? My husband thought this was great. Apparently:)


  1. Oh, Sarah, I am cracking up! I can totally relate to every point having experienced the same things at some point in the three, now four, of my pregnancies. On #1, I couldn't stomach the thought of chocolate when pregnant with Johnny. It literally tasted like dirt. THAT was weird. I also ate spinach (yuck) out of the can. Ah, manners, sometimes using them just takes too long!

  2. Good reflections. I know you'll appreciate these later when you are trying to remember hwat the "chnages" were :) So happy for you btw. Thanks for the FB msg. I actually read it first before seeing the status.

  3. Anonymous12:22 PM

    ok, I am totally thinking you are having a boy now...I was never a breakfast eater myself, and when I was pregnant with Jebbie, I could eat the biggest breakfast they could dream up at Cracker Barrel and it wouldn't phase me!!!
    Didn't feel that way so much with Evelyn, so that is why I am thinking maybe boy.
    I could also eat Chick fil a every night if I could with Jebbie and didn't like it at all with Evelyn!!!
    Hope your doing great!!:)
    Abi Byrd

  4. so funny sarah! i hear you about chick fil a... it always sounded good... for every meal! :) wait a second... it still does- and NO im NOT pregnant! :)

  5. Funny! I remember craving Sonic BLT's.

    And the gag reflex. I never had it until I got pregnant- now I still have it. I gag when pouring the dog food into Sadie's dish.

    Cute picture!

  6. Sarah, your post was so funny! It is so amazing how different things are when you are pregnant! I ate so much watermelon and cereal when I was pregnant. Also at the beginning, I always wanted roast beef sandwiches from Arbys...sometimes that is all I would want to eat. Keep these fun posts coming!

  7. oh memories!! :) these are great! I remember LOVING milk when preggos!! I like milk but not like that! I'd drink huge cups at a time! enjoy it all!! little peanut will come sooner than you can imagine! :)

  8. This brought back so many memories for me too! It sounds like you're feeling pretty good. I'm so glad. I just remember wondering if I was ever going to want to eat again. I mean I was eating a lot of bland stuff because it seemed to help with the nausea, but not fun. Then week 18 came, and I felt great! That's when I had thoughts about Chick-fil-a, biscuits and gravy, etc.

  9. That picture is sooooooooooo funny!!! I cannot imagine you doing that! So glad pregnancy is going well. :)

  10. enjoyed just catching up...you are a very good writer...I think you should write books...don't know on what, but just think you have a gift...maybe you should try Caffiene-free, Diet Coke in place of your chai! ;-)

  11. Anonymous7:08 PM

    I am glad things are going well. We need a belly picture :o)

  12. Sarah, you are too cute.

  13. love it.....I'm glad that I don't do any of those weird things ;)

  14. ummm...remind me not to drink milk at your house!! hahahaha j/k...sort of... ;)

  15. ur hillarious!! Where's the one about sneaking out of church to raid the nursery's stash of animal crackers?? I saw you escape on Sunday morning and I wondered just where you were headed;)

    The first trimester all I wanted to eat was chipotle burritos!! It was painful until they built one in VB! I went on the second day they opened and of the 5 people in line 3 of them were pregnant with cravings just like me!! We all were there anxiously awaiting them to open the doors... ummm... I could eat one right now!

    I also loved eating eggs which had previously given me an upset stomach - weird.

  16. These bring back so many good memories. You'll say that, too, someday...promise!


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