Considerations. . . . . . .

Last night I had my first, very vivid, pregnancy dream. It went something like this: we went to the doctor for our 20 week ultrasound and they discovered that lo and behold the baby was fully grown and needed to be delivered. Immediately. And so, there Steve and I sat in the hospital with the baby [it was a boy] and had our first name picked out but could not for the life of us think of a middle name. . .

As I was telling Steve this much of the dream, he said, "Well, that may very well be the case [about the middle name--not delivering at 20 weeks!]. We seem to be struggling to come up with a middle name option for both our boy and girl names!

In addition to the already mentioned craziness, I seemed to have been a dorm student at Bob Jones as well. It was quite hilarious thinking about it this morning. . .running back and forth to classes, telling everyone that I had just had my baby, living in the dorms--away from Steve? Quite bizarre!

That is really all I can remember. . .except for the fact that we kept calling my mom to give her updates and she just couldn't believe that we hadn't given that sweet baby a middle name yet! :)

So. . .in light of my dream. . .and getting to the REAL purpose of this post, I thought I would post some middle name options that are "on the table" right now. Do be sure to let me know your favs! hee-hee

Angel, Heaven, Jahzion, Unique, La-a [pronounce the dash, please], Quadrell, Zanekqua, Maximus, Braheen [I especially think this one would sound nice with Branine, don't you think?], Iseyon, Jakra, Zamyiah, Miracle, and Dashire.

Okay, just kidding. But seriously, I was handed this list of "current popular names" from an inside source at one of our hospitals:) She knew we were stumped on middle names and thought she would help us out! Oh, thank you:)


  1. Whoa! I was just transported back to Jr. Missions week!

  2. Wowsers! Those are quite the middle names - and quite a dream. Hope you are still trusting!

  3. Those are great middle names. I especially like the La-a. =) Thanks for giving me a nice laugh!

  4. Hilarious!!!!!! I am sure you will want to use those names for first AND middle names!!!

  5. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Oh dear, I am glad you were joking. Our car's name is Maximus although I don't think that one is quite so crazy as the others! What a funny dream!

  6. ha ha!!! those are great. Not really "knowing" you I wasn't sure if you were serious or not on the first few, but as I kept reading I was certain you must be joking! We didn't know my son's middle name until the NIGHT BEFORE! I actually must have dreamed it. I was sleeping on the couch because I was SO uncomfortable and woke up suddenly and knew that his middle name would be "Riley", Jonas Riley. It fit perfectly! So, keep dreaming. It will come to you! :) Just a heads up- your dreams may get really CRAZY in a few weeks! ;)

  7. Quite interesting names...which hospital did these come from? Glad to hear you have had your first crazy preggo dream. I had so many...and truly each one was so random and entertaining!

  8. Michelle3:35 PM

    I dreamed the other night that I was getting ready to deliver by C-section and had to be put completely under sedation. I told my husband he could name the baby. When I woke up he had named the baby boy "Joshua Poker". POKER. I STILL laugh about it.

    Seriously though, I like my aunt's middle name for a girl. Her name is Jerry Wren. Wren is a cute middle name.

    So, you better use it or I will NEVER. COMMENT. AGAIN.


    I just heard "Rocket" for a middle name. (For a boy, by the way.) How does that hit you?

  9. Okay Miss Michelle. . .

    This is going to freak you out 'cause it certainly did me:) Wren IS actually our girl's name that we have picked:) So there you have it?! How funny, huh?! We've loved the name Wren for a few years. . .and when you have the last name of "Branine", you have to pick something nice that goes along with it:) So we are working on a middle name. . .we have a few that we like but none that just really click for us yet:)

  10. Wow, some of those middle names bit ethnic. :)
    Love the name Wren, so pretty!

  11. I vote for Jakra....... fabulous

  12. Quite the dream. I told you I had one where I had the baby, but it wasn't quite ready, so they put it back in the oven, so to speak!

    Just heard of that name La-a! Hilarious!

  13. hilarious! thanks to mrs. klem for those, right?!! I only had 1 wierd pregnancy dream that I can remember, for which I was thankful. they can freak you out. :) good luck on the name game!!

  14. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Hi Sarah I so enjoyed your Blog today I had a good laugh-- Made my day . I wait for Mark's comment about the names he will have a good one I am sure Grandmom.

  15. I feel so boring after listening to those special names! I just cannot wait to find out if a little girl or a little boy is on the way... Hmm... I really have no guesses! Just so you know, you can always use Sue as your girl middle name.. it's quite popular, you know :)


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