Spring Break in photography. . .

Every April, my mom comes to visit. . .which is such a nice boost because I am usually very lonely during the month of April [as all of my buddies with husbands in school know]! We had a wonderful time and were able to visit with family. We stopped by Dave and Sara's on our way to visit my sister Barb. . .I have to say I about put Sadie (the puppy) in my pocket as we left! And Skye too, for that matter!

As we were nearing Greenville, my mom decided to get a Dairy Queen Reeces blizzard. . .one of her very favorite things. I kid you not, the minute she stepped out of the car to get her treat, it started POURING rain. I just had to snap the picture of her as she stepped back into the car COMPLETELY soaked. She said it was worth it! :)

More pictures to come, but just wanted to share some of my favorites from our trip. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. oh my gooooodness skye is just so darn cute....

  2. Cute pictures! Did you guys plan the yellow and gray outfits? Cute!

    I like your new orange "B" :)

  3. You got a great picture of all the girls at Living Gallery -- I added it to mine.

  4. I sure hope those are wrinkles on my pants and not the fact that they are so tight the fat is screaming to break free.........sheesh


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