[congratulating my mom!]

Last weekend Steve and I left at 12:30a.m. on Saturday morning for a VERY important occasion. . .my mom's graduation! She spent many years working on this master's degree--doing a class here and there in the summer and throughout the year. We are so proud of you mom!!! [I especially loved the photo of my dad holding his wallet, my mom holding her diploma. . .]

It was great to see family and talk about sweet baby--since we had just found out the day before that we were having a boy! Steve and I also were able to meet up with Steve's sister and her husband--who graduated with his undergraduate degree. Congratulations, John & Brooke!

Thought you would enjoy a picture of my adorable niece, Skye. . .they don't come cuter than that, folks!

Last, a picture of my sister's beautiful front door. . .I love visiting my sister. . .it's home away from home!


  1. How fun to get to see the family and talk all about baby boy. Glad you all had a fun trip!

  2. Love your white jacket! Praying for your house to sell.

  3. you were there?!!? so was I and my family!! that's awesome!! wish we could've met us w/ you guys and the mincy's!! congrats to your mom!! :)

  4. Thanks Sarah -- I really appreciate you and Stephen coming all that way -- driving through the night! I was so happy you could be there -- Mothers' Day dinner would not have been complete without Steve's cake, either!

  5. What an accomplishment!

    I haven't been on campus in over 10 years...I hardly recognized it in the pictures.

  6. awwwwwww.......catching up....and love this post! xo


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