So much going on! Where to begin! Ack!

Ahem, this picture has n-o-t-h-i-n-g. to do with this post. . .however, I know that some of my loyal readers [Read: Sara Mincy] cannot make it through a post without a picture. . .and so I thought you would enjoy seeing this picture that Steve took of himself on the mac [obviously when he was bored out of his gourd] while studying.

I love you, Sara!

So, speaking of trusting. . .Steve was made aware of a job opening this week in Oregon. Today, he made contact with the FedEx station in Oregon and had a very insightful discussion with one of the managers; he told Steve that if it were him, he would go ahead and apply for this job since they have not had an opening at that station in the last several months [not because they don't need employees, but because of the company being on a hiring freeze. They were given permission this week to hire 3 new employees]. . .and he also did not fore-see anyone leaving during the Summer/early Fall. Steve will be calling the station manager [that we spoke with when we visited Oregon in November] after 6:00p.m. tonight. Originally, the station manager told Steve that he would wait for him for up to 60 days, 30 days being the norm for a FedEx transfer. So, we will find out this evening if the station manager will still wait for us for up to 60 days. [Prayer Request #1]

We have until TOMORROW to give them our decision about applying for the job. [Prayer Request #2]

This is all very exciting for me--I know that God is working things out for us--whether or not this is the time for the transfer or not. I have to admit, my pea-brain had two thoughts immediately after Steve told me the news this afternoon. . . . . . . .

*Thought #1, THIS IS GREAT! [but we don't even have 1 soul interested in our house right now]

*Thought #2, God's plans are so much higher than ours--I need to be thankful that he is working out the job situation [even if I thought He would sell our house before the job transfer was worked out] and TRUST Him that He can sell our house by July 7th:) I also know that God could choose to not work out the transfer, choose to not sell our home this year, choose for us to have our baby here in Vir-gin-i-ay etc. . .

Tomorrow, we have the privilege of finding out whether we have a sweet baby girl or a sweet baby boy:) I was originally going to post our news on Saturday, as we will be with my family this weekend--and I wanted to tell them the news in person on Saturday. . .but my mother has just informed me that she wants me to CALL! HER! RIGHT! AWAY! Even though she will be in graduation practice. . .she also gave me the option of texting the news to her since she might not be able to answer her phone!?!!

*I'm sorry, is this my [60-something, although she doesn't look a day older than 40] mother we are talking about? Texting??? Guess she is pretty excited about that new skill she learned recently:) Or pretty excited about finding out what this new little one is exactly:)

I will definitely keep you all informed [about Oregon and sweet baby]! Any guesses about tomorrow? ? ?

Thanks for praying for the Oregon stuff!

EDIT: [7:00pm] Just heard from Steve--the station manager said he would definitely be waiting for the 60 days, NO PROBLEM! Awesome! Prayer Request #1 answered! And prayer request #2. . .we get to have until next Thursday to send back the acceptance letter! Yay for more time to pray and think through things! Thank you Lord!

Ah, and now it is time for a new prayer request. . .nearly everyone has told me I am having a boy--I really thought girl in the beginning--but after being told again and again it was a boy, I talked myself right into having a boy. Now that everyone. and. their. uncle. has said a girl on this post, I am beginning to get nervous about tomorrow! :)


  1. Praying for you guys.

  2. first-- hte portrait of you on grad day is just so darn cute.

    second-- i think girl

    third-- hope alll goes super smooth and some one falls in love with your cottage!!

  3. Steve and Sarah...I have yet to meet you, but I have to tell you how excited that I am to do just that! I have learned of you through the body at GTBC and everyone is so very excited for your arrival, whenever the Lord so chooses to bring you here. May you rest in him and know, fully, that He is our Jehovah Jireh, (God who provides). He will bring the buyer, the job, the baby...all His timing. We eagerly await His hand in this and we are praying for you all! May God bless you today. May His mercies be upon you and may He increase your faith as you wait on Him. Looking forward to the non-virtual meeting!!!!

  4. That picture has me dying laughing out loud. I felt that way for about 2 weeks until I upped my iron intake :)

    I say you're having a boy because it seems to be the pattern of your family. Can't wait to find out! I'm always wrong by the way. I want to say you're having a girl but I'm going with the odds. Is that confusing?

    Your mom is a hoot. She says she's not techno-savvy but I don't know many other moms her age that would try half the stuff she does.

    Praying for God's best for you all.

  5. I'm still holding out hope you have a GIRL! Because they are so fun and cute. =) I will be praying about the job & house stuff!!

  6. Anonymous2:30 PM


    Gina Fericks

  7. I will pray for my S&s&bb!

    I pray for your family on Mondays. But I will "up-it" to more often. Cuz I love ya!

  8. HILARIOUS!!! Steve's picture AND picturing Mom M in graduation practice reading her text message :)

    Thanks for including the photo- just for me :) :)

    I have always thought you are having a girl for some reason- but then I thought for sure Wes and Wil were girls too....

  9. This is SO exciting! We'll be praying!

  10. Boy.

    Boys are smarter.

  11. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Everyone thought Infinity was a boy too...but she is a sweet little girl. Praying for you guys!

  12. huh, I have leaned toward girl for you guys...but I'm not very good at guessing at these things! (I thought girl for myself...and look what happened!)it's already determined, right!!! :)

    p.s. with Jack's ultrasound (#2) he was soooo still...he must have been asleep. and the practicioner couldn't get him to open up his little legs...we almost couldn't find out. SO, a preggo friend told me before she went to her ultra sound she drank a mountain dew...because she REALLY wanted to know. SO, I had a few gulps of a coke while in the waiting room before our ultrasound today...and this boy was "KICKING"---literally!! He was swimming circles inside! Even the lady was commenting on how active he was! Which made it TOTALY easy to see! So, take it for what it's worth---if you reeeeally want to know, it may help. Coke...or do a few gentle jumping jacks ahead of time! :)

  13. I'll guess girl for you too! And I'll be praying for timing on the move and house sale. (Can you pray for us to get another renter for our place?)

  14. Anonymous8:17 AM

    don't be nervous!!lol...the minute they tell you, you will be over the moon! I hope you find a healthy, bouncy baby today!!


  15. Wow- so much exciting stuff going on!! Can't wait to hear the news about baby and the news about work. I know it will all work out, but I'm sure you are just excited to see HOW :) Keep us posted!

  16. Responding to your edit on your sweet'll probably have your answer by the time you get this...but I have found that no matter what I thought I "wanted" I was always as pleased as can be with what God has chosen and then wondered why I ever cared in the first place? I'm sure that is a common experience.

  17. Tricia Mincy8:59 AM

    Wow, so much great stuff! God will continue to show you all more of these great things. We'll pray and look forward to the updates.
    A late congratulations to Steve!!! We've been a little buried with getting settled, etc.....wish we could have been there.
    P.S. I want our family pics done by Matt!!! If only we would have known when he was there in NYC, boo.


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