Words. . .they escape me. . .

[although, by the end of this post, you won't really agree with my title!]

I do not think that I can adequately describe the craziness of my day today.

It all started around 9:00a.m. I was supposed to call the "Dent Wizard" to set up a meeting time for the removal of some small dents on the top of my car. . .which suddenly appeared after we had our car worked on a few months back. I remember coming out of the office and looked across the parking lot and could see one of the dents--I was about 75 feet away. We had just arrived back from a whirlwind trip to California, I was pregnant--so my emotions were somewhat unstable. . .good times. Apparently the man inside noticed that I seemed to be in distress [Read: sobbing into my steering wheel] and he came to ask me what was the matter.

I explained that I had never seen those dents prior to dropping off my car to be fixed at his shop. Hint, Hint: accept the blame, buddy, and pay for those dents in my hood! He was very sorry, but insisted there was no way that had happened at his shop.

Long story longer, after several calls/visits, we still were unable to get them to accept blame for the dents and Steve also reminded me of the possibility that the dents could have occurred when I drove home during a storm, in a heavily wooded area, a few nights before leaving on our trip to California.

So. . .back to the Dent Wizard. I finally met up with him around 11 a.m. only to find out that he couldn't remove the largest dent. Bummer. I guess we will let the next owner face that battle!

No worries. . .I was off to the fabric store to pick out fabric for some cute little shirts my Gi-gi is making for me. . .I was not going to let dents get me down! I happily picked out my material and headed to my car. My car, that suddenly looked very tilted. My car, the one with the front, passenger wheel completely flat and sitting on the rim? Yes, that would be my car. And lest I thought that perhaps someone else was the lucky winner of a flat tire, there sat my hood with the 3 dents, reminding me that yes, this was my car.

Steve worked a 12 hour shift today. I knew the possibility of him meeting me was slim. As I was getting off the phone with Steve [who was busy calling all of our talented, tire-changing friends] a very nice, elderly man came by and told me he would change the tire for me. He was so kind and every time he had to get down on his knees, I thought I was going to have to call 911 to get him back up again. . .but he did a great job and God took such good care of me through that sweet stranger. And all of our talented, tire-changing friends were happy that they were off the hook, I am sure!

So, I drove 35 mph down the road to Sam's club, annoying plenty of people behind me I am sure. . .but I arrived safely with my doughnut tire in tact. After waiting in line for 45 minutes, I announced that I needed a new tire.

"Did you buy your previous tire here?"

"Yes, I did."

"Then it should be under warranty."

click, click, click, clickity, click on the computer.

"Hm. We show that you have only had tires repaired here--that you've never actually bought a brand new tire here."

"That's funny. . .I clearly recall sitting here for over 2 hours in 2007 while I had 2 brand, spankin' new tires put on my car."

"Well, unless you have your original receipt with you, your tire won't be under warranty."

So I sputtered mad words to myself on the way to my car, knowing that I didn't have the original receipt! Who did they think I was? Some annoying secretary type that organizes everything? And keeps it in my glove box to boot? Yep, there it was in my glove box! I asked God for forgiveness for my attitude and walked back in and happily slapped it down on the counter.

[a few minutes later]

"Ma'am, I just spoke with my boss, and although you have the original receipt, we can only give you half credit since we believe your tire exploded because of low air pressure."

"Okay, that's fine. . .I just need a workable tire." [thinking: you dumb-bunny! You dumb, dishonest, bunny! what. ever. just. fix. my. tire.]

So, I went over to get a slice of oh-so-healthy pizza and root beer--the one bright spot in my day. No. They were out of root beer. I was so annoyed. I ate my pizza and walked back over to the tire register and pulled up a chair and sat right next to the register. I figured if they knew I was waiting there the whole time, they might work faster than the 2 hour time frame that I was originally given. And work fast they did. I was FINALLY on my way home 35 minutes later.

I decided to stop by my neighborhood post office and mail my material to my Gi-gi. Upon arriving inside, I read their sign that stated "We will be back at 2:30. Out for lunch".

I was so frazzled, I began talking out loud, letting the entire dark and empty mail room know how I felt. I dare say that if they were taking their lunch break in the back room, they received an earful. I mean, what post office does that? Oh yeah, mine:)

So, was your day better than mine? I surely hope so! It is good to know that God loves us even when days are a tad on the crazy side!


  1. awwwwwww.....I'm SO sorry for your day!!!! Did you not have to work today? Lucky duck!! But uggg...I HATE car stuff so much!!!!! But I LOVE Sam's pizza.......I can totally understand that being the highlight. I'm hoping you have a great night relaxing despite it all!

  2. oh, sarah, I laughed so hard reading this post and at the very same time felt like crying for you. i hate to tell you this, but since i've become a mommy, it seems like days like this happen much more frequently than i care to admit :) God is good, though! Any lookers for the house?!

  3. oh, man, Sarah, I feel your pain! I have spent too many hours sitting in a car repair place and for some reason I seem to have the smallest amount of sanctification there. :) glad for this day to be over!

  4. Oh my. . .that was quite a day! So sorry!

  5. Now that I think of it...I didn't really enjoy last Friday either! But, I will admit, your day seemed a lot worse than mine.

  6. I am SO serious...you need to be writing books...you are good writer...I laughed til I cried about this

  7. Oh Sarah - I've had days like this (and not when I was pregnant). =) I feel irritated for you and it's not a good feeling!


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