Funny, funny

the word funny is funny to me. . .
So, we have traveled with Cal-baby quite a bit in the past 3 1/2 years that we have had her. . .and she is an excellent traveler. . .except in one area. . .she does not like to go potty while on the road. We've gotten pretty used to her antics and have finally realized that she will go when she needs to. . .we've also come to the realization that her bladder must take up half of her insides. So, in anticipation of such issues, we thought we would out-smart her on this trip.

If you aren't a dog person or you are a tad squeemish, skip the next few lines.

So. . .Steve packed up some of her fresh poopies in a container and when they reached their first stop, he left her in the truck, and planted the evidence. Our thoughts were that she would sniff her own scent and think, "well, I must have been here before, I'll go ahead and take a little potty break".

Oh, not so, my friends.

We have a poop snob on our hands.

Steve said she proceeded to walk as far away from it as possible. . .like she was trying to tell us, "why in the world did you bring that stuff along?!?!?!?!!!"

We will not be trying that trick again. . . . . . . . . . .

Steve & Nate arrived in Oregon on Wednesday evening and parked our Penske truck and car carrier at Grace and Truth. As Steve got out of the truck, a neighbor poked his head over the fence and said, "How long are you going to park that there?". Steve told him it would be there until Saturday and upon hearing that, he promptly asked Steve to move the truck to another spot because he "didn't want to look at the truck all week".

Well, Welcome to Oregon! We were told that this was the same neighbor that asked one of the men at the church to stop blowing leaves because he didn't like the sound and he had company over. . . . .

Thursday morning, I arrived at the airport in Portland and as I walked down the terminal to meet Steve, a guy was performing a song about "my town". . .it reminded me of Harry Connick Jr. . .and was fun to hear as I was arriving to my new town. What made it even funnier was the fact that while we were waiting for my luggage, someone called over the loud speaker, "would Harry Connick please procede to carousel 12, your party is waiting for you".


We didn't venture down to carousel 12. . .we had too much to do that day and were in a hurry. . .but it was funny!

Hope you all have a very wonderful start to your week! God has been so good to us. . . . .


  1. hee heee......all of this is FUNNY!! xo

  2. These were so funny! I kept laughing and Tim told me to hush up a bit so I didn't bother our roommates!

  3. I am CRACKING UP at your dog poop tote. Seriously? :) Oh, to know what your doggy was thinking... :) Hilarious. Well, I guess now ya know!

  4. The Cal story was hilarious! You're interpretation of her thoughts was the best part. I can just picture it!

    Glad to hear all is well. From my perspective you haven't moved. You're still there inside my computer. :)

  5. brought her poop!!!!!!!!!! That is too funny!!! I've never done that....but you can rest assured Gus also has poop issues when traveling! :)

  6. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing and adding a little joy and laughter to my life. I sure do miss you! =) So glad we can still stay connected over the blog~!!!

  7. I know, I know. We are absolutely crazy for bringing the poop along. . .we just didn't want her to be constipated. . . however. . .next time she is on her own. I CLEARLY see now that my friends think I am weird! :) hehe!

  8. Why didn't you go down to carasoul 12????? Ahhh, I would have been running there! :) Ok, so maybe that was more of a highschool crush, but I think I would have at least meandered that way. :)


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