Goodbye Virginia, Part Five

{Funniest pictures from our time in Virginia}

Some of these pictures have a story behind them. . .but most are self-explanatory!

the day we tried Dr. Oz's "glass of fresh"; it was awful!

Paul Weaver finally met his woman

I sent around an email to my family asking for help on the bathroom after we moved in, in 2005. . .my dad told me to fix the mini-blinds:)
a [beautiful] mural that we found painted behind the bathroom door in our first house

it's still a mystery

having a little fun before completely shaving off his goatee

being pooped on in Seattle

the scariest Santa. EVER.
THE sweater

hopefully the one and only time I will ever. have. to. use. the. port-a-nasty

toe-nails and fruitcake from my brother-in-law Jonny
never, ever, ever eat there!
the unseen tupperware that melted in the oven
a VERY special gift
this picture is for my mom. She is the only one who loves me in-spite of my awfully mis-matched "comfy" clothes that I wear around the house. . .as I am sure you already noticed in the painting picture. {well, I know Steve still loves me--he just doesn't fully appreciate my artisticness in that area like my mother does!} I think I was around 24 weeks here.
We DO love our Realtor. . .however. . .this sign just about kills us every time we walk outside. If he hangs one more plackard on there, I swear I will lose it. We tried to take a few things off. . .and alas, the screws were stripped. . .of course. Oh well, God can sell our house in spite of a horrendous sign outside. With spotlights.


  1. I just DIED laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this post!!!!!!! :) :)

  2. I declare...Oh my stars :-)

  3. I LOVE the "God Bless America" sign on the post! Cute. And your mismatched clothes... AND, the many facial expressions of your husband- so entertaining!

  4. Me, too -- I had some good laughs. Yep -- do love the outfits and YOU!

  5. What funny memories!

    Nice, Pastor Mark...nice...

  6. funny pictures indeed! I hope your trip goes well. I am excited to hear/see what God will do in and through you in your new ministry.

  7. Sarah - John and I give you kudos for being so great at taking pictures - you inspire us to pull out the camera more!! Thanks for sharing these - enjoyed them. Hope you made it to the West coast without any mishaps... or maybe we'll have an entertaining post to look forward to??

  8. I love the striped sweater and green pants together- what's wrong with that?!?! :)


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