Goodbye Virginia, Part Four

{Favorite memories from year four}

Steve starting his last year of seminary. . .
me attending the first seminary wives meeting of our last year. . .
Late summer 2008, visited New York one last time. . .
crazy hair on the ferry to Statue of Liberty
went with Rob and Jules!
saw Mary Poppins on broadway. . .LOVED IT!
October 2008, went to Delaware and visited with my Aunt Barb again. . .love her:)

early November, OBX trip with friends! Beautiful weather!

Early November, Steve's heart surgery. . .Cali not understanding why he can't play ball
November 2008, visited Oregon. Loved it. Moving there in 3 days! really yummy doughnuts. very scary people.

Late November, Steve's family came for Thanksgiving. We took the ferry over to Williamsburg for the day. . .

Enough said:)
Cali's Christmas cards. . .after she was done she chewed a hole in my couch pillow. . .apparently she wasn't as thrilled as I was with them. were you expecting anything else???
Christmas at 6 Gillis Road, 2008

driving through the night to surprise my parents in Greenville Christmas morning
out with the barn plates in with the Pottery Barn plates!
January 2009, trip to California to visit Steve's dad in the hospital

March, announced that we were expecting!!!

April, my mom came and visited us in Virginia and we took a little trip to visit Dave and Sara, the kids, and the new puppy! Then on to Greenville to visit my sister and my grandmom!

May 2009, Steve graduated with his Masters of Divinity! Awesome job, babe!
found out that we were expecting a sweet baby BOY!

Mom's graduation!
one last trip to Washington D.C., Alexandria, and Georgetown. . .Nationals won!
celebrating our anniversary out on the water in Norfolk and at
Fusion 440 in downtown Portsmouth

last trips to the beach. . . oh how we will miss our warm water and dolphins! 26 weeks along with sweet baby Graeme. . .
meeting sweet Brynne Eden Hall
watching Mike get married to Virginia. . .both lost spouses to cancer and God allowed them to meet!
July 3rd, married, couldn't be happier for them!


  1. I've loved watching this progression this week. Thanks for all the fond memories (and not so fond - i.e. CALI missing for three long, aweful, horrible, no good, very bad days!) I too began going faithfully to the Seminary Wives thing the year Don graduated. Ha! That cracked me up. The previous years, I had no idea when they were and when I did, I was too tired from teaching all day to go out and do that too. =) We will miss your sweet family! But, now we know who to visit on the West Coast!

  2. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I love looking at your memories and your blog, Sarah!


  3. Katrina--oh dear, I think I had my facts wrong. . .I guess the 3 days seemed like 5. . .I'm sure it seemed much longer for you guys too! Did I tell you that recently we were watching someone else's dog and it got out of our yard. . .I was in a PANIC! He ended up being only a few yards away--but it gave me a teeny tiny feel for what you all must have gone through. . .and just so you know, I was having a chat with Miss Cal tonight telling her that she will have a new friend in Oregon named Cole. . .I was reminding her of what good friends she had here. . .and said Godiva's name first and she about flipped her lid. . .I thought it was so funny that she still knew that name even though they haven't seen eachother in such a long time!

    p.s. Yes--you better come visit us! :)

  4. I love this little series. Such sweet memories.

    Only 3 more days?! How exciting!

  5. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...this is me crying every time I think about you love the pics and the memories though :)


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