Goodbye Virginia, Part Six

This post was the hardest post for me to put together out of my Goodbye Virginia series. Knowing that we are moving far away from all of our sweet friends here in Virginia is a difficult realization for me. Seminary has been wonderful and the friendships we have established over these years are ones that we will keep for the rest of our lives, Lord willing. I think it is incredible that God has given us the gift of friendship. I also am thankful for the specific friends that he places in our lives and for their love and testimony. I will forever be grateful for the many, {even though I have apparently not taken pictures with all of you. . .I am so sorry!!!} many friends that God gave me while I was here in Virginia.

I especially am thankful for God's sweet gift of friendship through Julie Hall. . .and I think it is hilariously funny that neither of us could stand each other AT ALL when we first met. How thankful I am for her--for her godly testimony, for her words of wisdom, for her selflessness, for her boldness for Christ and for her gift of friendship to me. Yes, this was a difficult post to process. . .we will miss you all, our dear friends!

I have to end with a picture of my cute little neighbor, Calvin. I was talking to his mom tonight on the phone and she was telling me that he was very curious about the "big truck" in the driveway. She told Calvin, "Sarah is moving away and they have to put all of their stuff in that truck". "No, she's my friend". So Tiffany explained that sometimes our friends have to move away. . .still a little confused he decided to ask about the baby. . ."What about the baby in her tummy? Will he stay?" I thought that was so cute. . .we will miss our little Calvinator!


Thank you so much for reading here.

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