Goodbye Virginia, Part Two

{Favorite Memories from year two, July 2006-July 2007}

July 2006, we visited my brother's family in New York for the
second time
and had a marvelous time, as always!
in my family, we be Yankee fans. . .
Steve is only wearing the hat so that he can stay married to me
while we were in New York, we received the news that our Cal-baby had decided to "explore". She was lost for 5 days. I cried and cried. . .we were never so happy to see that sweet puppy as we were the day she found her way back! {And our poor friends, the Hines, were relieved!} We even left New York a few days earlier than planned to come back and look for her. . .and wouldn't you know it, the stinker turned up on the very day that we would have gotten back in town from our vacation!
Cali's first {and last?!} trip to the beach. . .she HATED the water,
but LOVED the sand! What a goof!

we think these signs are so hilarious!
They are posted all along our main street down at the beach.
Steve's sister's wedding {Brooke}, July 2006

My Gigi came to visit along with my Uncle Tom. . .we had a great time going to the beach, sitting in the rocking chairs drinking our Starbucks, attending a Tides game, etc. It was all fun and games until. . .
we got one of these! My cute little grandma said this was the only ticket she had ever received in her life! Isn't she beautiful? I hope to look half that great when I am 84!
refinishing our wood floors, Fall 2006
flowers and a sweet card that my Stevie left for me on my first day back for in-service at Greenbrier Christian. The card read, "to my tall, no-water, no foam chai" :)
Fall 2006. . .a surprise date to the circus--I was so excited--I had never been. The PETA people ruined it for me though. . .they handed me a flier on the treatment of the animals right as we were driving in. . .and you know me. . .It was still an awesome surprise date, though. . .we discovered "Doumars" of Norfolk on that date too!
one of my favorite gifts ever from my husband. . .a pantry he built for me!
Bringing in the tree, the day after Thanksgiving, in the Corolla, of course!
Steve's birthday, December 2006
December 2006, visiting my brother's family in North Cack-a-lacky. . .almost my entire immediate family was there and we had a blast at the flea market. . .
my sister and I being silly at the flea. . .Barb transformed this
dresser into something awesome though!

poor Cal-baby. . .had an allergic reaction the week of Christmas...
thank goodness for Dr. Banta! And Benadryl!

Steve's family joined us for Christmas 2007!
thrilled with my Christmas present from my dad. . .an old mantle. . .
February 2007, trip to Seattle
boat tour on the Lady Mary on the Puget Sound
lots of Starbucks from the original Starbucks

Memorial Day, 2007. . .
we enjoyed visits from my sister's family and my brother's family. . .they enjoyed our beach:)

Our 2nd Anniversary, June 2006. . .we celebrated at Ruth's Chris steakhouse.
LINKS, a planning session in late summer of 2007 in the Outer Banks
Neptune Festival, with the world's largest sand sculpture, end of summer, 2007. July 2007 marked the half-way point for us in seminary. . .only two years left. . .and what fabulous and full years they were!


  1. Anonymous6:37 AM

    I love seeing all the memories you've made in VA. It makes me thankful for the ones Seth & I have and excited to make more. I can't wait to hear about your time in OR. I hope you'll continue this blog when you get there...: )

  2. I love looking at all your pictures, Sarah.

    I'm gonna miss you being upstairs!! :-(

  3. What great memories! And we LOVE Doumars, too! :)

  4. I can't believe how little (and bald) Skye is in that pic.

  5. I always loved our trips to Virginia... :-)

    Love and giggles,


  6. Markus--
    uh hm... aren't you feeling a tad bad for not coming to visit us after viewing all of these fun places here in Virginia??? I guess it IS more difficult for a family of 5 to pick up and go for a visit than it was for Steve and I to come visit you.

    But you had better behave. . .my post for Friday is on favorite memories and funniest pictures. . .you are definitely in one of them:)

  7. I had to breeze thru your posts pretty quickly (I should be unpacking:) but they were fun to see. these last 4 years have been pretty incredible. it's hard to believe we're not across town anymore. :( praying for your safe journey this weekend!


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