Our First Days in Oregon. . .

I am so thankful that Steve, Nate and Cal-baby made it to Oregon safely and smoothly. They arrived on Wednesday evening and I flew up from Oakland [visiting my parents] on Thursday morning to meet them. We have had a busy couple of days getting settled in. Well, kind of settled in. . .we are actually staying at Mike and Susan's home while they vacation on the east coast. . .which has been so kind of them. It is giving us the opportunity to find exactly what we need for housing. Here are some pictures from our first few days here in Oregon. . .

celebrating being in Oregon by having dinner at Chevy's and then splitting one of their yummy desserts. . .my family has a little tradition in that every time we eat at Chevy's, we call each other. . .it's just that big of a favorite in our family!
enjoying the fresh produce of the west coast
okay, so you already know that Cali is spoiled. The Hanafees have a dog named Coal--and he stays in the kitchen when he is inside. Cali is also staying in the kitchen and it is about to kill me! However, I would hope that someone staying in my home would respect my wishes as well, so it is not a problem in that sense! I only have a hard time not giving in when she cries. When we go upstairs at night, she whimpers. When we walk out of the room, she whimpers. Steve and I have both actually laid down and taken a little nap with her in the kitchen. [And Cal, that just proves how much I love you since getting down on the ground right now is NOT one of my favorite things to do!] I know, WE ARE PATHETIC. But Mike and Susan, we are staying strong! Cali has stayed in the kitchen the entire time! Now tomorrow might be a different story. . . . . . . . .[just kidding].

yesssss. . .he kept us giggling and in wonder for quite a while. . .he was tickled pink with himself!

Well, I have a few funnies to share from our first few days, but I figured you all would probably enjoy pictures more. . .and I only had time for one post this evening. We greatly appreciate your prayers for us and are so thankful for God allowing us to arrive in Oregon safely and soundly. We would further appreciate your prayers concerning our house in Virginia and all of the decisions that come with "settling in", here in Oregon! Hope to catch up with you all soon!


  1. I'm glad you posted! It's so strange to think it's 5:15am where you are this morning as I write :( I can't wait to hear your funnies, but it's great to hear that you guys are THERE! Praying for the perfect housing for you!

  2. so glad you all are safe.....love the pictures....especially the rocky coast......have always been drawn to that.

    The dude with the striped towel is hilarious........I wonder what he was smokin'.......I would have taken his picture too.....only jon probably would have been in it with him:)

    love you guys....praying for the house to sell. xo

  3. it's hard to believe our new, separate lives are really starting. we're like grown-ups now. :)
    glad everything went so well for the trip, we look forward to seeing more updates.
    great family pic at the bottom!

  4. Anonymous8:11 AM

    sara--I had to laugh at the guy at the beach. They have some interesting ones up there...We leave Sunday to visit with my parents(who are in OR!) So much to do there...well, compared to Elko...lol...Sean might try some deep-sea fishing for the first time. Anyway, hope you adjust to your new situation very soon. Having a good church helps! Gina

  5. Barb- haha!! I did think about taking my 30 week picture with him:) And I also thought about you guys when we saw him:)

    Gina--where do your parents live in Oregon? will you be close to Portland? Definitely lots of fun stuff there. . .and Seattle is only 3 hours away:) Wow. . .deep sea fishing. . .I think I am getting sea sick just thinking about it! :) You are so right about the church thing--we couldn't be happier:)

  6. You guys already look like your at home!! Glad you together safe and sound... good like finding housing! We'll be praying.

  7. We are so glad you are here in Oregon! We are looking forward to getting to know you better.
    The Kimmels

  8. So glad you all made it to the wonderful west coast safe & sound! We'll be praying for you as you find housing in OR and sell your house in VA. Love ya :)

  9. Thanks for taking time to post!!! It's hard to believe you're already there! Praying all the details come together for you guys...while enjoying your new adventures together!!!!

  10. Love the update...but can you stop fooling around and come back now? :) I also love that you're napping in the kitchen with Cali...sorry - but I couldn't do it! I hope she's adjusting well!

  11. Glad everyone made it out there safely. Thanks for the update!


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