Remembering God's Goodness and our Journey to Oregon, Part Three

Our first Sunday at Grace and Truth Bible Church

Steve and I were so thrilled to be at Grace and Truth this past Sunday. Our months of being in contact with the elders and church members were finally becoming REAL! We were overwhelmed with the Sovereignty of God in orchestrating the events of the morning service with what was happening in our hearts and minds. It actually was an emotional time for both Steve and me as we sang through Blessed be Your name. . .You give and take away. . .my heart will choose to say. . .Lord, blessed be Your name. Realizing that we are in that moment. Now. And we have nothing else to do but praise Him for all He has given and taken away and choose to bless His name. We were thankful for a message from Psalm 91, a challenge to be "the God-Confident one". A good reminder to us that biblical confidence is a distrust in self and a strong trust in God. There is so much more I could say. . .but suffice it to say that our first day at Grace and Truth was very special and personal to Steve and me.

Then, Sunday evening we were able to share how God lead us to Grace and Truth and we were also able to field a few [very hard! just kidding!] questions from the people about why we are here. We followed that up with yummy cookies and punch and lots of time to meet people and forget their names. . .I have so much work to do in that department. I mean, I know I have pregnancy brain at the moment, but it is SO discouraging to meet someone and one sentence later not be able to THINK! OF! THEIR! NAME!


and if anyone knows who made the chocolate chip cookies on the first plate at the beginning of the table, please let me know, and I will forever be indebted to you. . .

One more quick thing. . .Steve was just told that there is actually a full-time route available right now and he is pretty sure that he can put in for it. Our prayer is that he will be able to go full-time as quickly as possible. Until then, he will be working a full shift on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and then Saturdays as well. . .I believe we will rather enjoy being able to spend time together on Mondays and Fridays for the time being!

God is good and I want to thank Him for all of His kindnesses to us since arriving here in Oregon. I am so thankful for your prayers for us as well!


Thank you so much for reading here.

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