34 weeks and meeting sweet Graeme Clarke soon. . .

So here we are at the door-step of 34 weeks and getting filled with more and more anticipation and excitement each day at the thought of meeting our Graeme. This week, Steve and I attended David Rivas' graduate piano recital, which was fabulous, and apparently Graeme thought so too. David plays for our church here and, for me, I feel like I am listening to Bob Kauflin each Sunday! He is one of those amazingly gifted pianists who is classically trained yet can also lead worship so elegantly and creatively--yet not overbearingly. I thoroughly enjoy hearing him play. Graeme started moving literally the minute that David started playing and oddly enough, finished kicking and moving almost the moment David stopped playing. I told David I was going to post this picture as my 34 week photo since Graeme loved the sound of his playing, apparently!

It is hard to believe that we will most likely be meeting our little GB in 5 weeks. We are so thankful for how God has worked out the scheduling for Graeme's arrival. I had been told early on that delivering Graeme via cesarean was looking like the best method for his arrival. I also am thankful that I didn't have any hard and fast plans or expectations about the delivery. . .and still do not. And partly because, if God should choose to send Graeme early, as in 37 weeks or earlier, the doctors have decided that they would let me try delivering on my own for a limited time. Should those events not occur, we are currently scheduled to meet Graeme Clarke the week of September 14th. Wow, so much that I want to accomplish before he is born and yet, it really doesn't matter. . .he will be very well loved and taken care of regardless of how much I get done before he is here!


  1. I can't believe how close you are to meeting your little man! You made need to think about hiring someone to post pictures for us while you're down...hint, hint! :)

  2. love reading your posts!! glad you guys are settling in! and you're so right! if he comes early, he won't know the difference - just that he's loved! :) goodness - david slept in a laundry basket the 1st week since he came early! :)

  3. I can't beleive Graeme will be here in a month! Where has the time gone. Can't wait to see him and wish I could see him in person! Miss you friend.

  4. Do you have a date yet for the c-section? Oh Sarah, you probably WILL have your baby before me! I was so late with Jack that even though I'm due the 13th, I would not be at all surprised if we don't meet Annabelle til the 23rd. They let me go 10 days over last time and I'm not sure what my doctor this time will be like.

  5. hey sakes......cute picture!

    can't wait to meet mister mister........xoxo

  6. Sus--you're so funny:) I sure miss you! We'll have to make sure that you get pictures--wish you were here to post for me:)

    Lindsay-I love that David slept in a laundry basket! That's awesome--and see how well he turned out? I shouldn't be worried at all!

    Laura-I know, i can't believe it either! Come visit me! :)

    Ginny-they are supposed to call me today with an official date. . .and who knows, your baby girl might decide to surprise you and come early! I do hope you are not 10 days over. . .a good friend of mine just went through that and it was agony enough just watching her have to go through it. . .I can't imagine actually being the one waiting it out!

  7. oh, wow! I can't promise that those weeks will fly by if you're feeling terribly uncomfortable,:) but they will pass! and holding your baby will be the most amazing thing ever!!
    we went to a Wynton Marsalis concert when I towards the end, and g-man be-bopped during the whole thing too. :)


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