for Graeme Clarke. . .

So, last week I gave you a sneak peek at Graeme's room via his changing table. . .[although, since then, I have painted that piece the same grey that Graeme's armoire will be, along with the wall behind his crib. . .I LOVE the result!] My favorite sister and brother-in-law are coming to visit me and if you have never seen anything that Barb does. . .hop on over to . .and you'll see why I am so excited to have her paint Graeme's baby armoire for me! Barb was just on the telly last Sunday, in Greenville, talking about Knack and did a delicious job! You can view the interview from her blog as well.

This week I am so thrilled to introduce you to "Jack" who will be joining the decor for sweet Graeme Clarke's room. [Except, Graeme's wall is painted grey and Jack will be white.] I love that Jack isn't your typical baby's room animal and yet has a boyish look about him too. . .I fell in love with him at tastysuite on Etsy. Next week, I hope to show you Graeme's entire room. . .there. . .I've said it. . .now I have to motivate myself to be completely done with it!
37 weeks on Thursday. . .this picture makes me think that pregnant girlies probably shouldn't wear stripes!


  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    It looks unique yet tasteful. An excellent choice.

  2. I have something almost ready for baby Graeme too :) :)

  3. love it.....and am so glad you picked the crazy jackrabbit that I believe you made fun of me for posting at some point along the way! Ha Ha!!.....

    love your little belly........can't wait to see the whole sounds awesome! xo

  4. Barb--I remember the one I made fun of you for. . .it was a pair of wooden jackelope ears that were a shelf on a wall. . .and I said that if I tried to hang that in my house it would look like a bad bugs bunny:) But of course, it would look fabulous in your house! :)

    "little belly". . .that's nice of you:)

  5. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product. It will be beautiful, I'm sure.. but not as beautiful as when the little Graeme is in it! :)

  6. i LOVE those decals... i saw some when i was pregnant with gioia that i wanted really badly for her room... someday she will have a cute room! :) cant wait to see graeme's room! wish we could return the favor and help you paint! :)


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