Potty trips aren't easy on the husbands either. . .

So, quick funny for you. . .

as we all know, talking in your sleep can be a funny thing.

Last night I was coming back from the restroom at 3am. . . .[I'm wondering if I will even go to bed at the very end of this pregnancy, I'm already going every hour and a half. . .I'm imagining I'll be going every 20 minutes [??????] by the end!] and as I crawled into bed I thought I could see that Steve had his hands behind his head, like he was thinking about something, and he also had his glasses on. So I immediately start giggling and say to him, "babe, do you know you have your glasses on?" He responded right away with a very adamant "I know!" Like he was thinking, hello, we all wear our glasses at 3am! I knew he was pretty much out still so I said, Okay, why don't you take those puppies off and go back to bed. . .it's 3am! By this time, I think everything had begun to register and he couldn't believe that it was 3 am. . .told me he felt like it was 7am. I said, "Apparently!"

And we went back to sleep. Well, I did, for another hour and a half.....................

The End!


  1. Too cute, Sarah ;). You will find lots of interesting things happening in the middle of the night in the near future.

    I know all about those frequent trips but they end immediately after baby arrives. After remembering that you got up every 30 minutes, it is natural (as crazy as it sounds) to become thankful for the mere 2-3 hour blocks of sleep you get after the baby comes. I got 4 whole hours at one time last night :)

    You all sure keep us laughing. Thanks!

  2. ha ha ha! I am totally laughing at yet another steve antic in the middle of the night! ;) he does the best stuff!!

  3. That is hilarious! Yes, it will go down to about every 45 minutes at the end, if you're anything like me. It really does make you appreciate any stretch of sleep after baby arrives!

  4. Very funny! I remember after I had Kayla but on the same day that I went to the bathroom and I started going and going and going and going. I then realized that I hadn't gone to the bathroom for 4 hours so of course I had a lot more in my bladder than when I felt it was full every 30 minutes. I was so amazed by this that I came out of the bathroom and told Dan that my bladder was back to normal ALREADY. Sorry if this was TMI but it was amazing to me how quickly I was back to normal. :-)

  5. you think of me in the middle of the night and i'll think of you! ha ha ha... i'm only 25 weeks! God sure has a way of preparing us before baby gets here to be up at night with them. I just always get upset thinking this is my LAST time -for awhile- to sleep through the night and here I am getting up to pee all the time! oh well... it's worth it.

  6. That is hilarious! Steve, you can just be happy that she didn't post a pic of you in bed with the glasses on :)

  7. well, it is just nice to know that all pregnant women go through the same thing. I cannot seem to stop asking myself the question "am I REALLY on the potty--and not peeing the bed" EVERY TIME I get up to go in the middle of the night. . .I was telling a friend this this week and she said that I need to make myself a sign and hang it in front of the potty that reads, "Yes, Sarah, you are on the potty--you aren't peeing the bed"! haha!!


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