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I've been busy this week with a few projects and this was one of them. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this piece of furniture. I chose to love it. . .and Steve. . .well. . .

I cannot tell you how badly Steve does not share in my love for this piece and begged. me. to. leave. it. in. Virginia.

However, being the kind husband that he is, Steve let me bring it to Oregon and it will now be happily employed as Graeme's changing table. And now that I think of it, shocker of all shockers, Steve was the very one that thought of using this piece as Graeme's changing table! He must not dislike it that bad after all! We are trying to use every inch of space [in an organized way!] of this apartment and so, I decided I needed to enclose the bottom of this piece to utilize the storage space. It took me about 10 minutes to sew the fabric and then about an hour to hang the cursed thing. . .seriously, I was such a mess by the time I got through with it. . .

And, I totally expected it to have fallen down when I went to check on it the next morning. . .but it was still standing and I am still tickled pink with the outcome!


  1. i love it! I'm thinking you might be Knack Jr. :) I agree about using every inch of space...we have 3 kids in a 2 bedroom apartment and I must admit that it's kinda nice being forced to be as organized as possible. There is a peacefulness that comes with it :)

  2. Justin, Jake and Jenna's mom5:22 AM

    Very cute! I totally remember having to be very creative and use every inch in our apt....and it makes you feel so accomplished!
    Can't wait to see more!!!

  3. LOVE this! What a great idea- it makes the PERFECT changing table!

    So do I see the finalized color palette here? gray, tan, redish orange?

  4. Did this used to be in the kitchen? Looks like it should work great - I love the owl's holding the children's books :)

  5. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Sarah-I had to laugh at this post because Seth has certain pieces of furniture he detests which he would also like to leave behind when we move to our new apartment. In fact, a table I just got last weekend is one he would prefer to see in the dumpster. Aw-well. We can turn "trash" into "treasure", right? : ) I think your table looks great--love the curtain on it.

  6. Very cute, Sarah! Glad you didn't leave it behind in VA :)

  7. Great idea! I love the outcome! Especially when you compare it to the teal/blue/aqua shade it was previously! =) It was also the piece of furniture that allowed Don and I to break into your home . . . now why did we need to do that again? I can't remember, I just remember the look on your neighbor's faces when we asked them for a butter knife so we could get into your home (with permission from you all!). Tee hee!

  8. Britt--you are my hero. Every time I start to think about how scrunched we feel, I am going to remember you. You should win an award for "most organized small space"!!!

    Sara--I think for the painting I'll stick with white/grey/orange. . .does that sound okay?

    Kate--yep, it was in the kitchen in our old house for a little while. . .it used to be turquoise. . .it is an old fiberglass laundry folding table. . .then it was relegated to the garage until our move to OR:)

  9. I seem to recall this particular piece of furniture from the move...you have done well with it

    You should be thankful each day (and I'm sure you are) for such a loving and understanding husband! :)

  10. Josh--yes, I'm sure EVERYONE remembers the awkwardness/largeness of this piece of furniture. . .poor Dave and one of the Adams boys worked and worked to get it through the door of Graeme's room!

    I am so thankful for Steve--but probably not as thankful as I should be!!!

  11. I love it!!!

    Don't worry about the space...it just takes a little getting used to. Our recent move up to Spokane involved moving our family into a tiny 2 bedroom/1 bathroom house. All four of our kids are in one bedroom right now, and they LOVE it! We love being, well, close. ;)

  12. I'm so glad that you decided to hang on to it - it's an awesome piece!!! And what a great way to put it to use!! Can't wait to see his room all put together.

  13. I for one have always thought that this piece was and is fantastic......so glad you kept it and it looks fabulous with it's new skirt!

    way to go........;)


    p.s. what's with the justin jake and jenna's mom link....have we finally coerced them into a blog!?


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