This was beautiful. I probably shouldn't have watched it being this close to having Graeme. But, it was a timely reminder that all life is in the hand of our Sovereign God. I was crying so hard by the end of this that I had to hold myself back from shaking. . .it was very touching.

I have been struggling lately with the sin of worry, concerning my baby, Graeme. Wondering many times a day if he is still thriving inside, making sure he kicked the "proper" amount that day, wondering what he will look like, etc. . .I'm sure it is completely normal for a first time mommy-to-be. I only find rest when I remind myself that Graeme doesn't belong to us in the first place. He belongs to God. The total sum of Graeme's life belongs to his Creator and only He knows the hours, days, or years to Graeme's life.

I am thankful for how God has helped me, concerning my feelings about Graeme. Anytime that I am tempted to worry, I ask God to make Graeme move--and I can honestly say that every time I have prayed that prayer, God has granted my request. I also know that some ladies can be bothered by kicks to the ribs or constant cases of hiccups from their babies, but I am so thankful for every move that I feel from sweet Graeme. Today, Graeme had the hiccups three times. . .I loved every bit of it!


  1. oh my, that was touching! my cheeks are a little wet.

    What you've written was good too - faith and worry. . . Thanks for sharing your heart. I hope you are encouraged during these last days to keep trusting Jesus.

  2. I cried when I watched it, too. And my kids were standing right there looking at me with worried looks on their little faces. :)

    I'm reading Max Lucado's new book "Fearless" right now. It has a chapter that addresses parenting fears that is very good. Actually, the whole book so far is very good.

    I have a new nephew as of yesterday. :) I'm looking forward to meeting your little Graeme, too.

  3. Sarah, I don't think there's a mom out there who wouldn't cry while watching that! What a sweet reminder of how God has richly blessed Jon and I with three beautiful children!!

  4. akhughes11:23 AM

    ow, that was heart-breaking. I can barely even watch those types of stories right now! I hate to tell you, but after they're born, the worry just compounds! you'll wonder a 1000 times if he's still breathing & even get up in the middle of the night to check for no reason. :) but I must continually remind myself that they are ultimately God's, not ours!

  5. Yes, every mom feels this're not alone. You see, the worrying won't end once you hold your new little one in your arms. Mommies (like me) always seem to find stuff to worry about, but God so faithfully reminds us to ask Him for grace to trust Him more.

  6. Worry is one of those besetting sins for me. I had someone tell me that I needed to learn to deal with worry biblically while I was pregnant, because not a day of parenting would go by without the temptation to worry. It's one of those battles that is always there if you want to fight it. You're right- our little babies are God's- thanks for the reminder!!

  7. Justin, Jake and Jenna's mom7:09 AM

    Oh wow! That was amazingly touching. Jenna and I were watching it and both crying. I told her we need to be really thankfully for all of the good health in our families.....God has been so good to us and will continue to be!
    I tell you what, it is a mommy-thing to be worried. I would bump my belly ALL THE TIME to make these kiddoes moved when I was preg....we pray for you all and will definitely continue as things get closer.....sending our love~


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