Letters from Dad. . .

I'm thankful that my immediate family keeps in touch with each other really well. . .I know that is something that many families cannot say now-a-days. I'm thankful that I have great relationships with my siblings and their families and also with my sweet parents. Some time over the past year, my dad began emailing updates to us, the four kids. I have saved these emails because I want my own children to know all that they can about my dad and mom. And, because most of them are just down-right hilarious. For example, I know to expect an email anytime a soft ball game has been played or a great day of "shooting" has occurred. Obviously, if you know me AT ALL, you realize that the "shooting" emails are not my favorite. AT ALL. However, my dad and I have decided to agree to disagree on the topic of pellet-gunning poor little squirrels. . .and love each other anyway.

So here is a snippet from my dad's Memorial Day email. . . "We had a beautiful day in California, little bit of wind and mid 70's. Annual soft ball report will start off with hit #1, a solid hit up the middle, just about tore the guys glove off, so powerful; hit #2 was (I'm ashamed to say) a lazy single to center, and then the biiiig one, a powerful slam down the left field line the likes of which few have seen in this part of the world. It was headed for the record books when Todd made a completely lucky grab to the astonishment of the whole crowd that such a smash could have been handled by a living human! My pitching, with all modesty, was outstanding, and few hit balls from the opposition made it past the pitchers mound, except to say that enough did to cause us to lose 10 to 5! So that is it, told in the most humble way I can muster. After every one left, later in the afternoon, I took my disappointment out on the squirrels. There is so much activity here I don't have much opportunity to hunt any more, but today, six or seven of the varmints bit the dust with lead in their bellies. I shouldn't enjoy it so much."

And now, a snippet from yesterday's email. . .which, I was astonished was not in my inbox when I arrived home around 8:30p.m. . . .he must have emailed it later on, because there it sat, waiting for me as I opened it this morning around 4:50a.m. Thank you, Graeme Clarke! By the way, Clarke is my dad's middle name and I am so happy that Graeme will share it with him!

"Well the dog days of summer are officially about to come to an end here in California, but not before I was bitten by one at our garage sale recently. Two days later, while mom and I were walking, another two dogs tried to get us. Fortunately I had a golf club shaft with me and when the first one got close enough I gave him a knock on his jaw, and he and his
friend decided to leave us alone. Tonight Mom used the last of our apples to make a large apple crisp. Yummy stuff with ice cream. OK, so I didn't get a home run or even an extra base hit at the ball game today. I did pitch pretty well and did some fancy sliding into second. The teenagers kept saying how impressed they were (I thought that I should modestly mention that). I had a couple of very powerful singles (just about knocked the shortstop down??). The teams were divided up by counting off by two' s, and as a result, they looked very lopsided. I and many others thought that we were beaten from the start. I prayed that the Lord would use the weak things of the world to confound the mighty (they had most of the big bats). Well, we won 31 to 6, truly lopsided! I kind of feel bad about praying against those guys, but not too bad. Mom is in the book selling business these days. She sold her first book on Amazon yesterday, and will mail it off tomorrow. She is being very productive in her retirement$$$!! That is about all. Looking forward to the golf tournament this coming Saturday. We have 36 players. Looking forward also to Mark and family visiting Thurs to Thurs. We'll try to save some apple crisp for them.

I can just see my dad grinning as he records, so humbly, his soft ball statistics! What a riot! I love you, Dad. Keep the letters coming. Keep the shooting to a minimum......................................


  1. I love these too...and laugh so hard every time!

    ......I had to give him some grief about the "grape juice"......haaaaa haaaaa!!

    love you tons....xoxoxo

  2. very funny! He's not planting his plastic flowers is he...? :)

  3. haha! Barb, yes--I am getting ready to zing one back to him on that one!:)

    Kelly-bwahahaha! I laughed out loud when I read your comment--yes, thankfully, those are REAL flowers in the picture:) Fake ones still exist in his yard, however. . . .{boo!}

  4. I actually save them, too -- I love the side of him that he shows in his letters to you all!

  5. Oh, by the way -- the fake flowers bit the dust about a week or so ago! Yay!

  6. mom--woohoo!!!! So glad the fake flowers "are no more" !!! :) THAT is very exciting!

  7. That is so fun that you get these! I'm sure you can just picture your dad saying these things, too! My dad has issues with animal abuse too, sometimes...usually it's with moles in his yard or spiders, though.. could be worse :)

  8. To my youngest:
    You have printed copyrighted and private information. This could potentially ruin my reputation. Just wait until the ASPCA gets hold of this. Any more of this and you are out of the will.

  9. to my father: I did not even mention your cat hunting abilities. That is what I would be worried about if I were you! :) I would also be concerned about PETA:)

    you could have at least ended your comment with an I love you:)

    I DO love you,


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