A thought from Cal-baby. . .

................ah, life is good again


  1. Is that really Cali? She looks darker -- I love the little balcony -- pretty picture

  2. mom, you don't recognize your own grand-dog? :) yep, it's really Cali:)

  3. Cal looks so dark in that picture! Must be the light. What a happy pup. Gus misses her. I'm sure she'll have a whole new world of adventures when the baby comes!

  4. yep, it must be--she does lighten up in the summer and darken up a bit in the Fall. . .and her nose changes colors too. . .isn't that a riot?! Her nose is more pink in the summer and black during the Fall/winter months!

    Steve just told Cali this morning, "you have NO idea what's about to happen, do ya. . .all the crying and smelly diapers. . ." I hope she'll be Graeme's buddy:)

  5. Justin, Jake and Jenna's mom7:08 PM

    Very nice! Looking great...hi Cali!


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