{happy October to all my friends}

near and far away...................Hope your first of October was just as comfy as ours!


  1. We're heading towards the hot time of year without air conditioning so I'm guessing that our 1st of October wasn't as comfy as yours. I really do miss fall! But it's all good -- we are content here.

  2. That looks so comfy and cozy :) Can't wait to see it in person. I just had pumpkin pancakes to celebrate October!

  3. it looks so cozy....

    .....can't wait to sit there and drink chai teas with you while I hold the little monkey......


  4. oh, Karis, I forgot about that! I'm sorry! I probably will be wishing for some of your warm weather soon:)

    Jules and Barb--hurry and get here!


Thank you so much for reading here and sharing life with me!