IKEA. . .my new best friend. . . . . .

I have always loved IKEA. I don't exactly know why they always put their stores in locations that are hard to get to. . . .finding IKEA in San Francisco was like finding a needle in a haystack. {For me.} Well, finding any location, anywhere, is quite a difficulty for me, actually. Somehow I completely missed out on the navigational genes......................


That is not what this post is about. What I wanted to post on was the wonderfulness of the family restroom at IKEA. You heard me right. It was pure joy for this new mama. And they even provide you with free diapers and wipes in case you forgot yours.

And they have a comfy chair for feeding your little one.

And I like my comfies.

And they have nice, wide aisles that, once you are done enjoying the family restroom, are super easy to maneuver with a stroller.

It is amazing the things you appreciate and notice after having a baby.......................


  1. You are so right about noticing baby easy to care for places after you have one of your own. Natalie Trach and I would walk at Greenbrier Mall every week when Allie and Kayla were first born. We checked out each of our bathroom/nursing room :-) options. Dillards was the best! In their bathroom, they had a little corner with two nice chairs, and their bathroom was always very clean. We always went there after our walk for the girls' 11:00 feeding since the girls were pretty much on the same eating schedule, and took our time chatting some more while we were doing it. Fun memories!

  2. I have not been in the bathroom with a baby, I'll have to check it out. :) ours also has close parking with signs for those with strollers. How wonderful!!

  3. Totally agree and I love that it's not IN the bathroom...your own cozy little haven. It's the best place ever for a mom to shop...a place to play when the kids get a little older...fun stuff to browse through...an affordable restaurant...coffee (not the best but it works)...I often have to take Henry to Oakland for special appointments that take all day and IKEA is our hangout!

  4. I'll hve to check it out. I notice how everything is handicapp accesible after having Jack...or not so handicap/stroller friendly.

  5. I'm not sure if all Nordstoms are the same, but the one in Walnut Creek has a mother's room in the Women's bathroom on the 3rd floor. It's kinda of old and worn out (but clean). Comfy chairs and a changing table.... I loved using it.


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