I've decided that over the next few months or years. . .whatever it takes. . . I will try to faithfully post about favorite local places of ours, here in Oregon. Obviously, we haven't ventured out much in the past month, but I wanted to post on a fast-becoming favorite of ours. Actually, it all started with a Cottage Living magazine article that I came across back in 2008. That magazine is no longer in publication. . .{big boo!}. . . However, they were the first to introduce us to "McMenamins". Long story short, there are two brothers, the McMenamin brothers, who have gloriously transformed tens of historic buildings, in Oregon and Washington, into wonderful hotels and restaurants. The Cottage Living article was so captivating to me because they actually bought their old elementary school and transformed it into a hotel. . .pretty {fantastic} out of the box thinking!

The one McMenamins that we were able to venture to before Graeme was born was an old Masonic orphanage that they had completely transformed into a hotel and restaurant. And as you can see from the pictures, it is also a popular wedding site. . .two weddings were going on while we ate dinner that evening. So, Steve and I are planning on visiting as many McMenamins' locations as we can. . .I'll keep you updated!


Thank you so much for reading here and sharing life with me!