Seattle, how we've missed you. . . . . .

Sunday afternoon, we headed out of town and up to Seattle to meet up with my sister Barb and her husband Jon. . .who literally had the worst experience flying out here. . . . . .I told my sister, "I can clearly see that you will probably never want to come visit me again!".

They left Saturday afternoon from Charlotte; while in Charlotte, a Continental employee rerouted them on a US Air flight and because of that change they taxied into a different concourse when they landed in Newark, causing them to go through security again to get back to the Continental concourse, causing them to miss their flight to Portland by mere minutes. . . .and wouldn't you know it, there were no more flights out to Portland until the next day. Since we were planning on going to Seattle anyway, Barb and Jon opted to just fly straight there on Sunday and meet us. When they arrived in Seattle, lo and behold, their luggage was safely awaiting them. . . . .

. . . . .in Portland. {!!!!!}

And. . . . . .Steve and I were already 2 hours away from Portland {on our way to Seattle} by the time they were told this. Keep in mind this is now day two that Barb and Jon have been without their luggage.

We still had a marvelous time in Seattle--Steve and I had vacationed there back in February of 2007 and couldn't wait to get back! Poor Barb and Jon finally were able to get their luggage when we arrived back into town late Monday evening. And wow does it smell better around here! Just kidding! {They made a shopping trip on Sunday and we obviously had running water at our hotel!}

And boy am I grateful that my husband is nearly as blind as I am! As I was taking out my contacts at the hotel, I realized that I had forgotten my glasses. . .and if you know me, you know that I am pretty blind. . . .

{No, read: Completely Blind} without my glasses.

So, as you can imagine, feeding, burping, and redressing an infant in the middle of the night--in a hotel room--can be a little hairy if you are blind. I giggled so hard as Steve and I kept swapping glasses--he would put on his glasses to burp Graeme and change him, I would grab the glasses back to see where I was going to lay Graeme back down. Yes, it was hilarious!

Graeme made several accomplishments this weekend. I will briefly highlight three of the most amazing ones. . . .he found his left thumb this weekend and happily joined the ranks of thumb-suckers. I am pretty happy about this on two counts--love to see him sucking that little thumb {I was a thumb-sucker} and two, it is his left thumb--I would love it if he was left-handed like his daddy, his PopPop, and my Nanny--after all, he was born on Nanny's birthday and all! Two, Graeme had his first blow-out. On our way home. In the car. All over aunt Barbie and mommy. Seriously, we were laughing so hard. Poop was everywhere. Everywhere on us, that is. Somehow it managed not to get on his car-seat. . . .but all over my sister's cute scarf and pants and as we tried to clean him up we seemed to just get poopier ourselves. It was great!

So, yes, clearly, the hospital shirt is fitting him a little differently these days. Hooray for accomplishment 3. . . we are finally into 0-3 mo. clothes!

Hope your week is starting out just as happy as mine!


  1. I want to kiss him and that "little" belly! Hooray for the left thumb!

  2. Sounds like you are having a very memorable time! Great pictures too!

  3. Okay, that belly of his is SO CUTE! I'm so sorry your poor guests had such a rough start... It sounds like you all managed to have a great time in Seattle! I loved Seattle, too, and can't wait to get back there sometime! As for the blowout, I pray for your sake it's not something you have to clean up often. :)

  4. I can't believe you've managed up until now without a blowout! You must be amazing diaper-ers.

    Have to repeat what everyone else said: his belly is so cute!

  5. I love that belly! Too cute! And hooray for accomplishments! We have 2 thumb suckers - our first, now 3, chose his left thumb - and we are still uncertain to his hand of preference for other tasks. His (grand)papa thinks his choice was just to keep the right hand free for "important" things...I'm not so sure.

  6. I loved seeing your update! you are brave for road-tripping already! the glasses thing cracked me up! so sorry to hear of barb's crazy time. :( but I'm so glad she finally got to meet graeme! I'm glad you could laugh at the blow-out, that's about all you can do at those points or else you'll go insane. :)

  7. oh wow!!! Look at that tummy. :) Did you feed him a few of those yummy doughnuts?

    Seattle is my favorite vacation spot, and those doughnuts are a MUST when we pass through. Don't you love to watch them pop open the bag and toss that last one in?


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