Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning {yesterday}. . .made better only by the fact that my friend Jules is here visiting. . .

5:55 am, I heard little Graemie-bear waking up--which was very unusual--this was only the second time in his little life that he had woken up that early. . .his normal wake-time is between 7 and 7:30 am. However, I would be extremely grateful, a few hours later, for this early wake-up!

6:28, hastily threw on my clothes. Deeply regretted the hastily part later.......................

6:30, Steve and I walked out the door and headed to FedEx

7:00, said goodbye to Steve and headed to a nearby gas station to fill up the Taurus

7:05, pulled forward from the gas pump and immediately new I had a flat tire

7:05 and 30 seconds, saying unhappy things about my flat-tire-proned car to myself

7:05 and 45 seconds, tried calling Steve; no answer; remembered his phone had been on vibrate that morning and figured it probably still was. . .but also thought if I kept trying {kept trying being the key words--as you will see later in this documentary} I would eventually get a hold of him.

7:30, finally gave up trying to get a hold of Steve and called my Dad for Triple A's emergency number. . . .lots of tears. . . . . .worried that Graeme would be home, crying his head off because of starvation setting in...........................

7:35, called AAA and was told that they could only come out if Steve was there or could call in to verify that I was his wife because only his name was on the account. . . . . .no problem, right? Except for the fact that I could not get a hold of Stevie.

7:40, decided to run back to the FedEx station, down the road. Now, here, dear friends, is where I regretted my hastily put together outfit. I will let you read between the lines on that one.

7:50, arrived at station, met FedEx manager who probably thought I was a street person and through teary eyes begged her to find my husband

8:00, Steve and I both ran back to the gas station and he began working on the tire

8:30, Steve and the gas station attendant had both worked on the tire and couldn't get it off. Steve called AAA for me and they said they would arrive before 9.

9:00 No AAA

9:15 The happiest AAA guy I've ever met showed up, changed the tire with a ginormous jack in record time, and sent me on my way by 9:25

9:45, arrived home to sleeping, never-knew-mommy-was-late-for-breakfast Graeme. . .thanks to my sweet friend Julie who was rocking him.................

11:45, left for Les Shwab for the installation of two new tires. . .we definitely needed one--and we kind of knew we needed to replace a second one as well. . .

12:45 pm, left Les Shwab with two new shiny tires, a lighter wallet, and a happy smile--because I was given THE BEST service. . .I highly recommend them!

So, the moral of the story is: God is Sovereign. . .He knew what was going to happen in my morning, and he graciously allowed Graeme to wake-up earlier than normal. Moral number two: Steve has a wife who goes from calm to crazy very quickly. He told me he saved my messages so that I could hear the progression. . .He told me when he listened to message number one, he almost cried--because I was so upset and he could hardly understand anything I said between my sobs. Message number two, he could understand me, and new that something was very wrong. Message number three, he knew things were desperate and were VERY BAD. And that he was in trouble. :)

Steve also informed me that he had a total of 26 missed calls. TWENTY SIX. wowsers. I new I was desperate, but not that desperate! Steve's phone was in his truck, but he was in the warehouse unloading boxes.............

Moral number three: don't hastily dress and forget important articles of clothing when you are running out the door to take your husband to work. . .because that is THE! VERY! TIME! that something bad will happen...................................


  1. After reading between the lines about your attire, I am laughing...but only because everything was alright in the end. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. You poor thing! I was worried when I read about Greame being home... thought you forgot him. Glad I kept reading. You have the best stories. Have fun with Julie.

  3. oh, oh, my...there are no words...the "funniest" things happen to you. :) aren't you SO glad you didn't have graeme there with you, that must have been a great blessing as well! glad your very bad morning is over. :)

  4. Oh Sarah - I'm so glad everything worked out! Never hesitate to call us anytime you need anything!

  5. Good story - reminds me of an occasion when I was dressed for running but not for a fancy dinner. Remind me to tell you sometime about when I got engaged!

  6. Wow, Sarah, that is a very bad day, but it made out for a great story. It made me laugh even although I know at the time it was not funny at all.

  7. Wow. That IS a very bad morning!

  8. I laughed so hard. Not just because I could completely see myself doing that, but because I can just imagine Steve listening to his voice mails in progression... Hilarious!

  9. Oh, I'm laughing outloud, but I know if it was me, I'd be having meltdown too. :) Glad everything worked out. And LOVE your new pics of Graeme - adorable!!!! :)

  10. I would so have been calling Dan more times than I realized too and leaving messages like you did.

    I too am thankful all worked out well in the end. The adventures of life...!

  11. Anonymous7:43 AM

    You are so funny! I can't believe everything you went through but love the humor you found in it!


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