Dear Santa Steve. . .{Part One}

I have been a very good girl this year, if I do say so myself. . .and I was just hoping that you might be able to fit this little gifty in your nice big santa bag this year...........

Here, I will even help you out and give you some specifics, in case you might need them, oh, let's say in about 41 days or so.................

I really have been wanting the Swedish House duvet cover from Pottery Barn. I first spied it during Christmas of 2007 and I have no idea why on earth I did not snatch it up then! I remember that I even had a gift card and decided to "wait". Because that's what good girls do--they wait for the item to go on clearance, right? Well, I waited too long and now I can only find it on ebay. But it IS available. . .just in case you were wondering.............. And while we are on the subject, I guess I will inform you that ebay only has the king duvet......but I am willing to make that and my *magic* sewing skills. *cough*

Or, if that option makes you a teeny bit nervous, as it does me, I am willing to accept the Swedish House shams instead of the duvet cover ............because I think that our white sheets and white down comforter would look stunning, absolutely stunning, with the Swedish House shams.

So, my dear Santa, you may have noticed that this letter is labeled as part one and that is because you are always asking me to make a list for you and check it twice and so that's exactly what I've begun to do! I'm sure that makes your heart so happy that you'll even want to listen to Christmas music early this year!

Thinking nice thoughts of you and planning on setting out a few extra cookies this year,
Sarah Kate


  1. Oh, pressure's on now, Steve! Your wife's wish list is posted for all to see! Sarah, PLEASE let us know how this turns out :) I LOVE it, by the way, and I do think you deserve it.

  2. Love it and love your letter! Maybe my Santa needs a few hints of his own!

  3. Love it too Sarah!!! I'd take that bed as well!!!
    Abi Byrd :)

  4. Stephen Branine10:46 PM

    There is only 1 problem here, and that is that we had decided together only a few days ago to put all gifts and money towards a Nikon DSLR. Remember? What to do? What to do?


  5. oh boo. I seriously was hoping that we could srill do stockings--and since I need to make us some new ones anyway, I will just make mine a little on the large side......because I wouldn't want my new pillow shams to get all wrinkled and all;-)

    Hm....and I might have to get a little stingy with the cookies if this doesn't turn out well........

    Just kidding, babe;-) I know that our new camera will def. be worth it!!! ;-) However if you decide you would like to do the stocking thing, I would be happy to supply you with some more ideas......and I wouldn't mind a list from you by the way;-)

  6. You are too cute and funny.

    Side note- I read that you love the Bourne series. They are my favorite! Maybe we should have a Jason Bourne marathon some day.

    And- have you seen "Becoming Jane?" ...The story of Jane Austen, of course.

  7. Hilarious! And how frugal to get the shams instead of the duvet cover! I am sure Santa will see the genius in that idea :)


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