. . .everything but the kitchen sink.

Notice the title of this post?
That pretty much sums up the contents of this post.......
And so, in light of that, I decided to number the items of this post...........

*1, I am so excited about G-baby's Christmas gifts from my parents...
"the Jesus Storybook Bible"
and "the Big Picture"
*2, Graeme is quite happy about his gifts as you can see...
*3, we decided to put up our fake Christmas tree this year......
*4, we will never do this again and might not even make it through this year with the fake tree
*5, lots of ornaments do help out a fake tree, but still
*6, we even contemplated going out last night and getting a real tree, but honestly, it would take me so much time to take all of those ornaments off, I decided it wasn't worth it.
*7, you know you have become a mom when you choose a fake tree over a real one because you don't have the energy to take the ornaments off--even with the end reward of a real tree.
*8, you also know your life, as you knew it, has come to an end {and a new, wonderful one has begun} when you get excited about going out to JOANN FABRICS.
*9, I repeat, JOANN FABRICS
*10, yes you do see stocking-less stocking holders on my mantle because I still haven't attached ribbon to our new {flockings}. {that were made with felt from Joann Fabrics, mind you}
*11, and yes I think I will continue to call my stockings flockings because the name seems to fit their personality......
*12, I put up my Christmas card tree last night, which reminded me that I need to organize my Christmas card list for this year, which reminded me of *13. . .
*13, if you think you need to be on my Christmas card list, would like to be on my Christmas card list, or would be offended if you didn't receive a Christmas card from me this year, please send me your address. {you can send it to me on fb or email so it isn't viewed by the entire world}
*14, phew......glad *13 is written. I did agonize a bit on that one. And phew, I made it to number 14..........didn't want to throw anyone off with ending on an odd number and all...............


  1. When I first glanced at your tree, mantle -- etc. I thought it looked like something from a magazine -- it's very pretty. And the little boy is -- just still sooo cute!

  2. aw, thanks mom....you made me feel better about my fake tree already;-) Do you like the gifts that we picked from you for Graeme? ;-)

  3. The fake tree looks great! :)

  4. hi!
    Your tree is beautiful!

    Not sure if you have my address or not?
    413C Acorn Grove Ln.
    Chesapeake 23320


  5. everything looks beautiful sakes!!.....you are making me laugh with your fake tree story......but your fake tree looks amazing!!

    ....we are headed to buy our REAL tree today.......only my fourth in 16 years :).......I hope to start a new tradition!

    love you....xo

  6. okay. . .for real, you all are making me feel much better about my short and skinny and fake tree!! ;-)

    Lacie--thanks tons! I'm hoping to cut down on some time on whitepages.com! ;-)

  7. from the picture I wouldn't even know it was fake. :) looks beautiful. we got graham the Jesus storybook for Christmas as well (don't tell him!)
    I hope we're on your christmas list. :)

  8. K-you are definitely on the list!!! So glad you guys ordered that book too--don't worry Graeme won't tell Graham;-) I was thinking that you were one of the ones that told me good things about that book;-)

  9. Your tree is gorgeous, your son is so handsomly cute, and I love your style of writing. You make me smile! :)

  10. 1. you are a nut 2. I can't believe you are going fake!!! 3. I will be very offended if I don't get a c-mas card :)

  11. We too have a fake tree...(it's still ornmaentless, but I keep adding lights because I am hoping it will help)...yours looks nice with ornaments so I should get ot that and totally commit to no real tree this year. Josh keeps calling it our "Charlie Brown" Christmas, but it's a good place to save a little bit of money this holiday season so we can go to MI. However, I will always get a tree in the future because once you go fake, you are typically admitting you're old. Also, once older people go fake they eventually quite putting up the fake tree as well. Sad sad! I think I'm going to start a volunteer group that goes around putting up the fake trees because it beats no tree! I hate to even admit this, but our fake tree is a good size this year since we are in the baby clutter season of life again (swings, chairs, etc.) and it's alot less messy. I burn my Yankee Evergreen candle and that helps.

  12. well. . .

    I've decided that all of my friends who have been so kind to make me feel better about my fake tree are DEFINITELY on my Christmas card list. Let's see. . .looks like. . .Jules, you're off the list!

    {totally kidding!!!} ;-) You could never be off the list! ;-)

    Ginny--I was cracking up as I read the candle part because here I sit with my Balsam and Cedar yankee candle lit! ;-) I figured going fake JUST for this year should make some of my very Oregonian, very eco-friendly friends happy, right? ;-) And--it is a great way to save $30 or so. . . ;-)

  13. We got Micah the "Big Picture Bible" last year...it's great! And I love your Christmas tree! I agree with the comments...can't tell it's fake at all. We have a fake tree, too. It does save on money:) And Graeme is just too cute! I know you're just loving your days with him!!

  14. Ah, Sarah. Love reading your notes - it makes me feel like you're not so far away. Your musings make me laugh - enjoy your decor (and try not to think about the tree being fake...)

  15. Fake or not, that tree is beautiful! (As I've learned to expect from you.) I agree it looks just like a picture from a magazine and I told my parents that even before I saw your mom's comment! Hope you are having a great beginning of the Christmas season.

  16. We would LOVE to be on your Christmas Card list :) I'll send you the address, in case you don't have it.

  17. Anonymous12:07 PM

    We got the Big Picture Story Book Bible for Infinity this summer and we have read through it well over 10 times. We got her the Jesus Story Book Bible for Christmas as well. Both open conversations with a 4 year old that I never expected to have...Love you all and hope that you all have a Merry Christmas!!


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