for my aunt barbie

i love my comfy, cozy outfit, aunt barbie
but, if you must know. . .
i love you more
and, if you were here right now,
i bet you would come and rescue me. . .
because i am being naughty and not wanting to take my nappy


  1. He looks so precious.......I love it!!

    ..... And I would come rescue you sweet boy...... And we would snuggle and you would take your nap!!;)

    ......aunt Barbie loves you...... xoxo

  2. Well, just so you know...

    I went in and rescued him for you;-) I was worried that he might be catching what I had and not feel so great...turns out that he was fine but certainly enjoyed being rescued from his crib and finished out his nappy with mommy;-)


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