{friends} Made in Oregon, Part One

I am so thankful for encouragement. Thank you all for your prayers on our behalf for our encouragement and for the sale of our home in Virginia. On Wednesday, I was finally able to get together with one of my new friends here in Oregon, Aubrie. I say finally, because, we tried for a few weeks to get together and finally found a day and time that worked for both of us!

When I made my post about my new towels, I also mentioned that I talked to the BB&B employee about dog poop and that I was a bit worried that I was becoming one of those new moms who, when finally let out of the house, has no social clues. Aubrie left me the sweetest, funniest comment saying, "When we go get coffee we can also go buy you some tote bags! (You can also talk to an adult a bit, and we can talk about poop if you so desire.) I saw Hagens has tie-dye tote bags right now. :) Oh- and I would have asked for a bag too- no one carries a tote bag around big enough to fit four fluffy towels."

And so, Aubrie brought me a Starbucks chai and cranberry somethingoranother--I can't remember the exact name--but it was Christmas-on-a-plate. I saved a bite for Steve and he said it was the best thing he had ever tasted from Starbucks. Aubrie also brought over some really delicious chocolate chunk cookies. And I *might have* eaten one too many and realized it when Steve stopped by the almost empty container and said, "Do you think I could maybe have one of those?"

But I was so thankful for our visit--and we barely even talked about poop! I did, however, learn a lot about my new friend--her background, how she met her husband Dave, how she came to Grace and Truth, and how she came to Christ. I already knew that Aubrie was an awesome photographer, but she did give me a few tips for our next camera purchase as well.......

I also learned about Aubrie's generosity and kindness....the picture above is what she brought with her, in addition to the Starbucks goodness. She said it was a late baby shower gift.....and what a sweet gift it was. {Notice the tie-dye bag!} The bag was filled with thoughtful gifts for a new mommy..........such a sweet gift!

So, look out Oregon........here I come with my newly acquired tie-dyed, eco-friendly shopping bag! And thank you Aubrie for your sweet encouragement to me!


  1. I'm so glad! new mommas especially need those moments so much! getting out will get easier and then you might find yourself (like me!) overscheduling yourself and wishing you could just.stay.home. :) it's always a learning process! your outing looks delighful!

  2. I have that journal!!! She has good taste. ;)


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