Happy Thanksgiving from our little acorn........

I know that the first few pictures were a little sad.............but even when G-baby is cranky, I still think he is the cutest ever. . .and I thought I would prove to you that, yes, he does cry sometimes............and I am very {thankful} that his crankiness is short-lived.......

I love his little acorn hat.........sent from a sweet friend, {E}, in Massachusetts......thank you, friend!

{Happy Thanksgiving}, friends..........

My heart is filled with thankfulness
To Him who walks beside;
Who floods my weaknesses with strength
And causes fears to fly;
Whose ev’ry promise is enough
For ev’ry step I take,
Sustaining me with arms of love
And crowning me with grace.

My heart is filled with thankfulness
To him who reigns above,
Whose wisdom is my perfect peace,
Whose ev’ry thought is love.
For ev’ry day I have on earth
Is given by the King;
So I will give my life, my all,
To love and follow him.

{Words and Music by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend
Copyright © 2003 Thankyou Music}


  1. Stephen Branine1:21 PM

    Always love the pictures. That song has great lyrics to it, and this year God has shown me himself more and more by impacting me with the line "Whose wisdom is my perfect peace." Thanks babe for your love for our Saviour, Graeme, and me. I am one lucky man, and I am so thankful to God for giving me you as a great gift of grace. I love you.

  2. The progression of those pictures is great -- just great!

  3. Yay. The hat fits and he looks so adorable in it! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Erin--I can't tell you how sweet your package was.......it made my day. No, my week! You are so thoughtful! thank you!

  5. Aww- happy thanksgiving to your little acorn! He is precious, and that song is wonderful!


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