{monday medicine}

speaking of medicine.......Graeme has his 2 month appointment today.........I can't wait to see how many inches our little guy is and all of those other statistics too..........I can, however, wait for the shots part of the doctor's visit. Greatly not looking forward to that. Expecting many tears from today's visit. . .from both Graeme and myself.


Hope you enjoyed your dose of Monday medicine.........it does the trick for me!


  1. Nice picture. You must have just promised him more food!
    Pop Pop

  2. Ohhhhh -- bring him here, I want to squeeeeeeeze him and kiss him!

  3. I have learned a lot about my baby's personality through shots! My first looked at me like "how could you have ever let them do that to me???" (tip* don't look into his eyes while he gets his shots. I thought it would help calm him, but I sware he thought it was me inflicting pain to his little 1month old self). My second sucked it in and didn't shed a tear (at one month, nonetheless!) Caid however cried the loudest but shortest. He was just plain old mad. It's never fun, for sure. :( But they sure do get lots of extra lovin' out of it!

  4. p.s. I don't really sware, er swear. See, I even spelled it wrong! :)

  5. justin, jake, and jenna's mom8:59 AM

    He's just too cute!

  6. hope the shots went ok. I would start crying just thinking about doing that to my poor baby and then when the time came they actually went so quick and were over so fast that it wasn't near as bad as I expected. hope yours were the same. :)


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