Update on 6 Gillis Road and us......

I would love to say that our house has sold. But it has not. I still believe in the sovereignty of God and I am positive that this is God's best.......but I have to admit, when I saw this picture this week, it did bring tears to my eyes and I dare say Steve's as well. We were in Target printing off a few pictures and this one unexpectedly popped up on the screen...............Our ways are not His and for that I am thankful......but Steve and I wouldn't mind you keeping us in prayer if you think of us.

Seeing this picture made me miss my home. Yes, we lived in the ghetto and yes I did not want to bring my brand new, sweet baby boy home to that neighborhood. . .but it was still home and it was ours. And our best buds lived 7 minutes away. And we could go over to each other's house in our pajamas and nobody cared. I cried on my way home after I dropped my friend Julie off at the airport a few weeks ago. It is hard to say goodbye to a friend as sweet and dear as Jules. It takes time to cultivate friendships that dear, and well, after having a baby, there is less time to cultivate such friendships, especially in new places with new faces.........

I bawled when I had to say goodbye to my sister and brother in law. It's hard to say goodbye to people that are that beautiful inside and out. People who love others selflessly and who bring a smile to your face at the mere mention of their name.

But how can I wake up each day and not be thankful and content when I am surrounded by this.........
And loved by my sweet, kind husband. And pursued by my Savior who loves me unconditionally. And surrounded by new friends here in Oregon.........more on that tomorrow...................


  1. Well, THAT brought tears to my eyes. Beautifully said, Sarah.

  2. Praying for you guys!

  3. I love you so much sis.......our trip was so special in so many ways.........how I miss you and that sweet baby...

    ..and I sensed your heart on all of these things.....and want you to know I bring you and the house before the throne daily........

    .....this brought tears to my eyes as well.....but I love the last thought of a loving Saviour who pursues us and cares about us so very much......

    big hugs and kisses today....xoxo

  4. I just can't get over how BEAUTIFUL that boy is!! He's just so darn cute! I hope I can meet him one day.

    We'll be praying for your house to sell!

  5. thank you for your words of encouragement and your prayers! It means very much to me!

  6. Hang in there, Sarah. We're praying for you all and for your house to sell.

    Enjoy all that time you get to spend with your little guy! It flys by.

    Love you guys.

    The Michigan Mincys

  7. we are still thinking & praying for 6 gillis road! we hope God's hand moves on your behalf! isn't it so true that your baby can bring a smile to your face when nothing else will!! we hope he continues to fill your heart to overflowing. :)

  8. Sarah - we miss you and Steve so much and as wonderful as your new place is, I remember the sting of missing home and the familiar face that understands you and there is no need to explain or 'give background'. What special time the Lord gives you to learn to love Him, your husband, and baby boo more - I hope He comforts you and gives you courage as he grows you!!

  9. Praying for you too that your house will sell. I was teary eyed when I read your post as well, as I know how difficult a move during pregnancy was across the state, let alone across the country for you. So I sorta can relate...but now I look back these last two year and as I've pursued God He has brought some wonderful relationships into my life and people that are like family to us. Stephen and I have grown in our walk with God and each other depending on Him in a new way. Knowing you're doing exactly what God has for you is a wonderful assurance too.

  10. I'm sure God in His sovereignty is preparing the perfect little ghetto couple to take Gillis off the market b/c "Honey stop the car it's gorgeous inside". P.S. the more pics of graeme...the closer i am to a plane ticket.

  11. I really cannot tell you all how much your encouraging words mean--thank you SO VERY MUCH for your prayers for our house and for us!

    Nate--I cannot tell you how hard and loud I laughed at your comment! I SO needed that! ;-) I laughed so hard, I think Graeme was a little scared by his mommy ;-) Love ya!

  12. I too pray for you often...and that house! I laughed out loud when you talked about bringing your boy home to that neighborhood...b/c last night when we were finally home with Simeon...the police showed up in the neighborhood...and people wonder why my boys learned the colors red and blue first:):)


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