Crack myself up? I don't mind if I do!

Wednesday evening, G-baby and I walked down the aisle to join my parents in church and right before we reached my parent's row, I heard it: the sound of a big spit-up. I heard the collective oh-nos from the audience and I heard the splat as the spit-up landed on the row behind me.......

and knew that we had made our grand appearance.
I love him, spit-up and all...............

And, is that cellulite I see?


  1. Indeed I think it is some fatness! Why does it look so cute on him and not on me?

  2. Stephen6:26 AM

    Maybe we should get him one of those collars vet's put on dogs after they have the surgery so it won't come out like that:) I love him and his fatness. Love you babe.

  3. you stop it. right now. ;-)

  4. one of many embarrassing mom moments I'm sure. :) oh what we endure and for some reason, it doesn't seem as big of a deal as we might have thought!

  5. that is some all-american grade A beef!

  6. haha--yes, it would appear that way. Although with his momma being mostly vegetarian, it must be the tofu shining through;-)


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