December 18th was a very good day. . .

and I was completely spoiled.
Spoiled rotten in fact.
Spoiled by being gifted with things that were not needed
but definitely wanted,
and now loved.
Spoiled by my Steve, and my sweet family,
by wonderful friends,
and by Graemie-bear.....
who slept-in late and took an extra long afternoon nappy.
I love my life........................


  1. oooo! You got the necklace! It's so pretty.
    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Love the necklace!

  3. yes! LOVE, love, lOvE my new sister and mom spoiled me with that one! definitely a treat!

  4. Love your new 'eco tie dye shirt'. Kudos to Steve for dressing you for Oregon (per your previous post on Oregon being an eco friendly state):) Super cute - Enjoy the birthday love!


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