Happy Birthday to my beautiful mom....

Dear Mom,
I love and appreciate you so much......
but I do believe that I am just beginning to realize
how much I in fact do love and appreciate you.
After Graeme was born, I realized your love for me
in such a fuller way, and I recognized so many things
in you that I appreciate so much more now than I
did just a few short months ago.
I love this picture of you......
slaving away in my kitchen while you were here
after Graeme was born....
wearing that great apron,
sporting that beautiful smile,
and washing up a little antique
that you picked up for me
at our Goodwill run that day.
Happy 63rd birthday, mom!


  1. Happy B-day Mom M!!!!! We love you!!!

  2. awww........we love our mommy!!

    love you mom........and wish you a happy day!!


  3. Awww thanks, Sarah - God's mercy and grace, and the lessons you kids taught me are responsible for anything good you might see in my life! I love you!


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