an open letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

As I sit here contemplating the heaviness of this letter, the following words of John Wesley compel me to keep writing: Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.

My Nanny, who was so dear to me, used to declare, “I’m going to write them a letter and let them know______________”, whenever she was upset by something someone had or had not done. I don’t think she ended up writing too many letters during her lifetime, but she sure thought about it! Recently, my dad gave me a book that belonged to my Nanny, Faye Mincy, and in that book I found the quote by John Wesley. I’ve determined that I’m seeing my Nanny’s idea of writing a letter through. I’m doing all the good I can, by all the means I can, for the unborn.

On September 11, 2009, my sweet baby boy, Graeme Clarke, was born. I love that my Nanny’s birthday was also September 11th. I am keenly aware that not everyone can share happiness at the thought of that date, and for many, it is a day that they will never forget. But for me, the date of September 11th now holds a joyful meaning. It was the day that my husband and I met our beautiful, sweet baby boy. We sobbed as we held our Graeme for the very first time. It was the day that we will never forget.

I believe that there are some things in life that cannot be fully understood until personally experienced. I know that I did not fully comprehend the idea of a mother’s love until I gave birth to my baby boy. I am sure that you experienced similar feelings when your beautiful wife gave birth to Sasha and Malia. You probably thought your heart could not hold any more love than it already did…….and then it happened……..your heart grew. But it took the experience to fully understand and appreciate the beauty of such love.

On a different level, you have recently experienced the joys, and at times, I am sure, disappointments and frustrations, of attaining the “highest office of the land”. I appreciate many things about you, even though I did not cast my vote for you. I appreciate your professionalism, your humor, your love for your fellow Americans, and your obvious love for and dedication to your wife and children. I especially enjoy reading about or watching a news snippet of you interacting spontaneously with the American people. I specifically recall a time when you stopped unannounced at “Five Guys”. What an incredible surprise those people received that day! Little did they know they would be eating a burger and seeing the President of the United States! What a fabulous combo!

In all seriousness, it is because of your apparent love for us, the American people, that I ask the following request of you. I mentioned earlier in my letter that there are some things in life that cannot be fully understood until personally experienced. Mr. President, I am asking that you sit in on a late-term abortion. I am asking for you to witness the horrendous act of abortion—the act that you support. To my knowledge, you have never witnessed an abortion first-hand. And so, I am asking that you personally experience it as to fully understand what you currently support. I understand that my request is a large one, but there is so much at stake and I am willing to ask it of you.

My husband and I plan to adopt some day. I am so thrilled that God has given us the desire to adopt. I only wish that my country would do more for adoption and less for abortion. I just read that Planned Parenthood receives about $270 million annually from government funded grants. Oh how I wish that it would be just as easy for me to obtain government funds for a needed adoption as it is for a woman to walk in and receive a government funded abortion.

I realize that it is highly possible that you will never read this letter, and that it will be read by a secretary instead. But oh how I hope that you will read this letter and consider my request. I could not ask such a request if I did not firmly believe in what I was asking for. I am asking, no, I am begging, on the behalf of the unborn, that you consider my request. I am asking that you “do all the good you can”. And Mr. President, I will not pretend to think that this letter will change your stance on abortion. I will however acknowledge that I serve a God who is Sovereign and kind and good and who placed the desire to write you in my heart. A God who holds your heart in His hand, as Proverbs 21:1 says, The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases. And so, I am asking God to direct your heart towards choosing life, and choosing life abundantly.

I wish you and your beautiful family a wonderful beginning to 2010,

Sarah Kate Branine

p.s. That sweet baby boy is my Graeme, who is rather attached to his thumb nowadays...............


  1. Jullie Roman12:41 PM

    Dear Sarah,
    I have never commented on your blog before but I felt compelled to thank you for your letter to the President. It moved me to tears and challenged me to speak out for what I believe. Thank you for giving a voice to the unborn.
    Julie Roman

  2. That was beautiful, Sarah - I have tears in my eyes. I fully support your words, particularly the part about adoption. Well said, and I respect you for writing it.

  3. BEAUTIFULLY said!!

  4. Julie--I am so glad that this letter encouraged you. There's not a lot I can do because of the stage of life I am in currently {new baby}.... but I can pray and write a letter;-)

    Shannalee & Lacie--thanks much! Shannalee, we are so excited about adoption! And Lacie--I thought constantly about Zoey as I wrote that letter.

    Happy New Year, friends!

  5. I am always overwhelmed at the thought of the brutality of abortion. I am now in my third trimester with my fourth child, and it breaks my heart that somewhere out there babies the same age as mine are being discarded as if they are trash! How barbaric! And yet, it happens every day. If MY heart grieves this much, how must it be breaking God's heart! As much as we want good and healing, God wants it more! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Anonymous2:07 PM

    dearest sarah,

  7. Dawn Marie--I completely much more our God must be angry and deeply grieved!

    I thoroughly enjoyed your comment....I was just sad that it was so short;-) seriously though, whoever you are, I am so sorry that blogger obviously did not get the rest of your comment to me;-(

  8. Thank you for writing that Sarah! I do pray that Obama reads it and sits though a late-term abortion. You never know- God could change His mind on abortion and turn those millions of dollars towards adoptions instead. Wouldn't that be awesome?!!!

  9. loved it. I sure hope he reads it and that God will stir his heart to help those who are helpless.

  10. Well written Sarah - and good work on the follow through. I hope it gets into the right hands.

  11. You don't know me, but we have mutual friends and I just thought I would drop you a note to say that I really enjoy reading your blog--you have a wonderful way with words! This was such a great letter!

    Stephanie Stonis

    p.s. I also really enjoy your photography! :) You have a precious family!

  12. hi Stephanie,
    thanks so much for stopping by! I recognize your name and am pretty sure you are friends with Nina? Wish we could've met when we still lived in Va!

    Thanks for your encouraging words...I'm actually printing off the letter today to mail! ;-)

  13. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

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