we absolutely cannot believe that he is 4 months already.
what an absolute gift.
a gift who is rather attached to his fingers, and specifically his thumb, nowadays.
happy 4 months, beautiful boy...........
p.s. can you tell that his eyes are actually blue?
[they always look so dark in pictures]


  1. My goodness, he is handsome!!

  2. 4 whole months!?! Wow. I love how he supports his little thumb-sucked hand with his other chubby hand. Too much!!

  3. yay! can you even believe it?
    I love how you get all his cute outfits captured.
    You'll be so thankful for this!
    I have some outfits that have kept through all 3 boys and it's neat to have special memories with each boy in each outfit and to see how differently they have each grown.
    And, besides, we LOVE orange!!!!! :)

  4. You are quite the photographer! And what an adorable subject you have to take pictures of! Just wait till he starts crawling & running around...I can just picture you following him everywhere with your camera! :)

  5. thanks everyone! I think G-baby had a very enjoyable 4 mos. birthday;-)


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