A day off, in no specific order

out and about with my husband, my Graemie-bear, and some friends,
a little sewing project [to be revealed soon, hopefully!],
playing around with Graeme's new blocks,
meeting Lala, the sweet husky puppy
and her owner who had great boots,
and a pug, who, sadly I have forgotten the name of,
seeing a tree planted upside down,
and now.........
waiting on some cranberry-orange scones to finish baking in the oven................
Yes, happy Monday to us;-)


  1. what a wonderful day out and about! Cute baby :)

  2. love the photos.....so great!

    graeme is getting so , so big! :)


  3. Stephen11:03 PM

    I had such a great time with you two; thanks for hanging out with me on my day off. I love you guys.

  4. That husky puppy just melted my heart.. as did Graeme, of course :) What a great day!


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