*from Fennerwald

I was completely thrilled when I opened up my box from Fennerwald today.
When I first bought these blocks, I sent a message to the seller saying that I was so excited about winning the blocks. They are circa 1943 and I could tell that the colors were oh-so-vibrant and, well, vintage. Fennerwald wrote me back to tell me that they were his childhood blocks and that he was thrilled that I was thrilled.

Upon opening the box, I found the following message from Fennerwald, and I know that I am still a little emotional these days, but wouldn't this make you cry too if you had been the one to receive this man's childhood blocks with this note?

The note reads, "Thanks! and may the users of these blocks and all who come in contact with them be graced by beauty, proportion and intelligence, sweetened with kindness. With best wishes for the new year and beyond..."

Oh, let me assure you, we will take care of, enjoy to the fullest, and treasure, these blocks!
This was no doubt the best $11 I have spent in a very, very, very long time..........


  1. giddy, I would be too!
    they are GORGEOUS!!!

    I saw some like this in an antique store last summer that were going for $3 each!!! You found a treasure!

    Enjoy. Blocks are endless training tools...for all those small and gross motor skill exercises for infants! And boys, well, they just love blocks for some reason! Why not be stylish & smart at the same time!!! :)

    Now, if I could only find a "C"...

  2. Wow! That's so cool. I've never won something on ebay before. So first off, way to go on winning.
    2nd, the blocks are fantastic! Very vintage...why don't they make great stuff like that anymore? Well maybe they do but it costs an arm and a leg and it still probably isn't as good. Third - what a great note. Did he design the paper too? All around, I'd say it's a great story.


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