a happy busyness...

Some baking [and eating too.....],
an afternoon phone chat with a wonderful friend,
finishing off a calligraphy project,
frequent interruptions from my sweet Cal-girl,
working out a plan for a photo collage for the hallway,
and getting cute little smirks and raised eyebrows from this sweet G-baby,
who, is obviously in need of a wipe to the mouth. . .
and a kiss to those cheeks and lips!


  1. I like the short posts you've been doing! Not saying in anyway that I didn't like the longer posts - it's just inspiring and amazing how frequently you've been keeping up with your blog. Way to go! :)

  2. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Graeme is just so, so precious!

  3. Katie--I totally understand what you are saying;-) My sister {knack} is the one who inspires me to do short posts.....she does one each day. I figure if I can take 5 minutes each day to make our families so happy--with pictures of Graeme etc...--then it is totally worth it. Of course, the new camera has made this daily event quite fun lately;-)

    Thanks Bethany! We are enjoying every minute!

  4. Too cute! Your photo taking skills are awesome girl.

  5. Aubrie--that is a high compliment coming from Miss Photography herself! ;-)


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