I saw this photograph.......

and it stole my heart.
I told Steve, "Look at this little boy--he is so thrilled to see his mommy."
At least, I imagined that it was his mommy.
His little look reminded me of the look Graeme sometimes gives me when I get him up from his nap.
I have to say, I've recalled the image of this sweet Haitian boy many times this week and was so overjoyed when I again came across this photograph, this time with the following caption:
Two year old Redjeson Hausteen Claude reacts to his mother Daphnee Plaisin, after he is rescued from a collapsed home by Belgian and Spanish rescuers.
I was so thrilled for this family--a happy ending for one family in the midst of so much heartbreak.
And I was also thrilled that this sweet little boy's life was rescued and that a mother gained her son back again.
I can only imagine the thousands of kisses his cheeks received!


  1. justin, jake and jenna's mom3:25 PM

    thanks for posting that, it is precious.


  2. What a great photo -- what a sweet smile on his face -- wish we could see his mom's!

  3. Thanks for posting this! It brought tears to my eyes. It's so good to see the miracles in the midst of the devastation. God is good all the time.

  4. I just couldn't NOT post this!
    I wish too that we could see that mama's face.....I'm sure there were many tears of joy and thankfulness!!!

  5. What a sweet sweet picture - I'm so heart-broken watching the news tonight but am also so encouraged to see people get involved and remember the image of God in all men allows them the courage and care to get involved. When I think about my Brynnie being hurt or lost it is inconceivable to me! I also wanted to say I love your blocks and the latest adorable pics of Graeme...miss ya!


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