I smell trouble

and it's not just because G-baby hasn't pooped in a few days............

On a separate note,
I am so thankful for several things this morning.
thankful for my standing in Christ,
thankful for my husband and all that he is.......
I am truly blessed.
thankful that he checks on Graeme every morning before he leaves for work
and comes and kisses me goodbye and tells me, "Graeme is sleeping very well".
thankful for my warm home, my clothes, and food.
still thinking of and praying for the people in Haiti this morning.........


  1. New life experiences make you feel and think about other people in a new way, don't they? Being a mom myself, it's easier for me to identify with the mothers in Haiti right now who are unable to provide the security for their children that mine have, no matter how much those Haitian mothers try. Yet I take this security so for granted. It's nice not to have to think about it, but I need to think about it enough to be thankful to God for it.

    Just processing ongoing thoughts...

  2. I am so with you, Marti, in your thinking. My mind keeps wandering to the nursing mothers and mothers with young children. I've been reading the obok, "A Praying Life" by Paul Miller and he talks about the fact that we need to come to God "messy" when we pray--approaching the throne overhwhelmed with life, with a wandering mind. I love what he says in ch. 3..."Jesus does not say, "Come to me, all you who have learned how to concentrate in prayer, whose minds no longer wander, and I will give you rest," No, Jesus opens his arms to his needy chidlren and says, "Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest".

    So....I've been coming to God messy today and yesterday. Praying for those dear people--especially the young children and mothers....because you are right Marti, new life experiences make you feel and think about other people in a new way!

    I was so thankful to read that your family members were able to catch a flight out--praying for their safe return!

  3. Oh my word! I remember Wes not going for a week. Poor guy. Have you tried the soap sliver thing??

  4. soap sliver thing?????? hm. ;-)

    He actually went [a lot] right after I posted this post this morning;-)

    you'll have to fill me in on the soap sliver....


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