the nursery

well, I originally intended to post about Graeme's nursery many months ago.
And, well, mister Graemie-bear made his appearance 2 weeks early and since then
I have found myself rather happily employed and occupied!
But today, the sun came out, and I couldn't help but capture
a few photographs of his nursery.
I hope you especially enjoy, as I do,
the beauty and simplicity of a round crib,
the sweetness of the stork quilt,
Graeme's beautiful armoire, rebuilt by his PopPop,
and happily brought back-to-life-again by his sweet aunt Barb {knack studios},
a hand-made shelf by PopPop, holding many hand-made quilts from friends and family,
[and Gigi, {shameless hinting......} I think the shelf has room for one more],
an eye-popping, personalized alphabet painting by talented aunt Sara,
but most of all.............
I love the little boy, that occupies this nursery, the very, very most!


  1. wow, that boy sleeps with more pillows than me! Beautiful nursery!

  2. Sarah- these pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You are so's a dream-like nursery!!

  3. for fear of sounding impatient..i have been wondering what has taken you so long to get these up! :)

    it all looks so yummy (esp. the little chubber in the crib!)

    I love the painting! And i am doing my utmost to keep from coveting the armoire!

    great work!

  4. did SUCH a great job pulling all of these special things together .....creating a warm , eclectic, yet classic ....timeless space.

    You should think about doing this on the side {wink!} have a gift!


  5. justin, jake and jenna's mom5:17 PM

    adorable and serene...

    ~Aunt Tricia :)

  6. The room is just perfect, and Graeme looks too happy in there :) Great work on everything!

  7. Everything about this room is perfect! You're SO talented!

  8. it's perfect. LOVE the pieces by Aunt Sara & Aunt Barb especially. :) and the sweet little one in the middle looks perfectly content!

  9. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Sarah, I love, love, love the neutral palette of this room--you can do so much with it but it is simply beautiful just how it is too. I think Graeme appears to like it as well : )

  10. So glad to see Graeme's nursery, it looks Amazing! Love the crib, the rocker, the stork quilt, all the handmade blankets & painting & of course the beautiful armoire! Great job!

  11. Thanks everyone for your sweet words! I hope that Graeme enjoys his room....I think he does, because for the most part he wakes up in the morning and from his naps happy to meet the world, squealing away with delight;-)

    Oh, Jen, I have a confession....
    Graeme actually doesn't sleep with those pillows...they are either in his chair or on my couch....I just decided to prop him up with them for the photographs;-) hehe

  12. Well, you have a "knack" for this kind of thing.
    Must run in the family! :)

    LOVE everything....everything.....everything!

  13. everything looks adorable!


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