Praying for Haiti.........

Lord, give me eyes to see
the poor,
the needy,
the orphaned,
the widowed,
for this is genuine religion.
[James 1:27]

*photograph by Carolyn Cole of Los Angeles Times, winner of 2004 Pulitzer Prize for her cohesive, behind-the-scenes look at the effects of civil war in Liberia, with special attention to innocent citizens caught in the conflict.


  1. My sister (Jodi) and her husband are there right now on a trip to help at an orphanage. Their flight landed about an hour before the earthquake. We thank God that they and all at that particular orphanage are safe. This is not the trip they had planned, but He makes no mistakes. James is an RN, and has been able to help so many already, treating wounds and even setting broken bones, just out in the street in front of where they are staying. What an amazing opportunity to be "the hands and feet." God has a plan for them and each Haitian. We are praying.

  2. Marti-
    I am so thankful that they are safe! Wow--what an awesome thing that James is an RN....definitely needed right now!

  3. what a wonderful reminder of a picture!
    we have a family in our church that are from Liberia (as noted from the photographer's work). the stories from the husband, in particular, about the civil war that they faced when there are heart-wrenching.
    it is so easy to get caught up in our safe little world. and at a single glance, to be upheaved into remembrance at the sufferings of so much of the rest of the world.

  4. Thank you so much for this reminder.


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