Um, possibly the word giddy

Yes, giddy might be an accurate description of myself right now.
I just won my first! bid! on e-bay!
How exciting is that?
Why hasn't anyone ever told me how exciting it is to win something for mere pennies on e-bay?
And how happy am I with my new fancy blocks, from 1943?
Little blocks that will polish off G-baby's room..........
Pretty, pretty happy!
I haven't been this wide awake and giddy since Steve accidentally made caffeinated coffee instead of decaf at 9:00p.m. a few nights ago............
Or maybe it was that same night when I videoed my husband snoring.
Oh so loudly.
{He never snores, so it was quite funny to me. I was giggling a ridiculous amount!}


  1. Now you're the one who is "so naughty" to video your husband snoring. =)

    I LOVE the blocks! I've always wanted vintage wooden blocks for Eliana. Does the seller have another set?

  2. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Congratulations on your find! I love the blocks and I bet Graeme will like the vintage touch to his room.

  3. LOVE em! btw, e-bay is addicting! ;)

  4. L--I know, I know.....I am so naughty! But it was so funny I couldn't help myself! ;-)

    The seller's name was "fennerwald"...funny, huh? Maybe type in his name and see what comes up--it looked like he was selling ALL of his childhood toys--pretty neat stuff! (And inexpensive too!)

    Beth--seriously! It is! This might have been a bad thing that I won the bid! ;-) Let me know what you decide to do with the outfit--I would love to repurpose Graeme's as well...although I think I will let a few more of my babies use it first...hopefully;-) But I love your idea of repurposing it!


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