um, we're moving to Manzanita and we're having a baby girl too........

and now that all of you are probably dead on the floor from heart attacks,
I am just kiddin'.
oh, I am so kidding.
No we are not moving to Manzanita, and no, we are not going to have an 11 mo. old and a new-born........
but yes, I am so in love with all of the incredibly adorable girl things out there!
And yes we do love the coast of Oregon,
especially Manzanita,
most specifically Bread and Ocean.
And yes, I did get to meet Haley Grayce,
and yes, I sure do look more pregnant than my sweet friend who is 29 weeks...........
{doesn't she look wonderful!}
I also cannot tell you how sad I am that Haley's shoes did not arrive.
{Oh well, I guess that will give me a good excuse to mail a little package to her in Virginia!}
Haley's mommy happened upon some shoes
{I mean, seriously, when can you not happen upon something in baby gap.....}
that looked extremely darling sitting on a bench all by themselves.
And it was just a wonderful visit with friends.....
just way too short, as always!


  1. well...congrats on all of the above:):) yes, Heidi looks great...and that is a wonderful pic of both of you!

  2. [after picking myself up off the floor...]
    those shoes are so, so sweet! I LOVE having a boy, but the girlies definitely have the goods! sounds like a really fun visit!

  3. LOVE the Oregon coast.....had so much fun in Manzanita.......and that bench is one of my favorite photographs from the trip.......such a cool bench!

    glad you all had fun.......xo


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